Edward McGowan

Edward McGowan

Mild-mannered illustrator Edward McGowan by day. Super side project alter ego Parko Polo by night.


After climbing out of the Petri dish, Parko Polo took a bold line into the world he wished to inhabit and brought his vivid palette along for the ride.

When the conductor checked Parko’s ticket, however, there was no way to explain that this particular trip didn’t follow the planned routes – that there was no terminus. The conductor drew a line in the sand – so Parko set him down on a hot beach looking out over diamantine waters, then carried on his way.

The landscapes he traverses and the people that he meets are never all that they seem but his depictions of them all provide ‘that glimpse of truth for which you have forgotten to ask’.

Parko drinks far too much coffee and is always available for commissions and collaborations.