p.s.type: Quatro

p.s.type: Quatro

Quatro Typeface Font

In 2009 pprwrk studio launched the digital type lab p.s.type, Quatro being the first release. The ultra black display face and matching italic got a slab serif companion in 2010 and now p.s.type are looking into expanding Quatro once more to a full family of weights ranging from Light to Ultra Black in both the sans and slab styles.

The final type family will consist of a 16 fonts – 4 weights with matching italics in each style. Each font will have the full Latin-1(256) character set and be produced in the OpenType format.

Show your support and back the project on Kickstarter to help p.s.type fund the release of their new typeface.

Glenn Garriock

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