Homeless Fonts

Homeless Fonts

When walking past a homeless person holding their handwritten sign, some will spare a little money. Barcelona-based advertising agency Cyranos McCann saw a much bigger opportunity to help.

Cyranos McCann launched Homelessfonts, which consists of a collection of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people. The idea behind these typefaces is for big brands to use them in their advertising and corporate announcements.

“I never thought my typeface could be worth anything,” says Loraine, one of the participants in the scheme. “Thanks to this project, I’ve discovered that my writing is nice enough for a brand like Valonga to take an interest in it and use it on their products.”

The funds collected through Homelessfonts.org will be used to finance the work of the Arrels foundation for homeless people in Barcelona. In 2013, Arrels worked with 1,354 people, 436 of whom actually sleep in the street. The foundation supports homeless people on their way to independence, by offering accommodation, food and social and health care. There are currently about 3,000 homeless people in Barcelona, 900 of whom actually live in the street.

Jack Daly