Triforce Tribute

Triforce Tribute

As a die-hard Legend of Zelda fan I’m pretty excited to hear about The Triforce Tribute! An epic multi-medium exhibition celebrating all things Zelda, curated by Jolby & Always With Honor.

Their blog is already filling with loads of work in progress previews a few of which I’ve selected for this article. To find out more about the idea behind the show I got in touch with Elsa of Always with honour.

“The Triforce Tribute came to be mostly as an excuse to make some Zelda-themed work. We (Jolby + AWH) had joked about curating a show for a while, but weren’t sure there would be much interest outside of ourselves. Once we convinced the great folks at Land to let us have the show at their gallery, we crossed our fingers and set out to see if anyone else wanted to play.

The response to the show has been overwhelming- we were surprised/excited at how many people wanted to be involved, and are super proud of the amazing lineup. All our fellow Zelda fans have been so supportive and excited, we’re really looking forward to showing off all the work at the opening and shortly after online at Buy Olympia.”

The show will open it’s doors on March 9th until April 21st 2012 at Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

Glenn Garriock

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