The Art Form Issue 2

The Art Form Issue 2

by Andrew Townsend

The-Art-Form is a limited edition publication about art and artists, founded by artist and designer Andrew Townsend. Issue 2 recently landed on our desk, featuring Daniel Buren, Ryan Gander, Rob Pruitt, POSE, Evan Robarts and Paul Wackers. For this issue there are four limited edition covers, with only 300 copies of each cover.

All the artists who are featured in The-Art-Form have completed a form about art, they have answered the questions in their own unique way, giving an insight into their work and working practice. Some of the artists have created drawings, paintings, and collages in the response to the questions. In addition to completing the art form, the artists in issue 2 have been interviewed in more depth with specific questions about their work.

Daniel Buren talks about his arrest in 1969 for pasting up hundreds of striped posters in the city of Bern, and he tells the story of how, when he was 17, he managed to meet Picasso and spend eight days in his studio watching him paint.

Ryan Gander, who has recently been awarded an OBE for services to art, talks candidly about his work and life as an artist. Gander talks about the moment he realised he could make a living from being an artist after winning the Baloise Prize at the Basel art fair, and consequently selling a lot of work, ‘I gave up three teaching jobs that were keeping me afloat and went to LA, rented a car and a bungalow, and thought, “What do I do now?”.’

American artist Rob Pruitt talks about his controversial work ‘Cocaine Buffet’, his prolific output of panda bear paintings and his 2,922 paintings of Barack Obama – a painting for everyday he was in office.

Jordan Nickel, aka POSE, is a graffiti artist who now mainly makes work for a gallery environment, he talks about this transition from street to gallery, ‘I spent years as a purist keeping things compartmentalised, i.e. showing artwork under my real name and doing graffiti (simultaneous but separate.) Both stay strong and sacred, but it’s a tough balancing act, the world doesn’t understand and you feel schizophrenic.’

Evan Robarts is an artist who uses everyday materials and processes to create sculptures, installations and paintings. He uses industrial materials such as plaster, rubber hose, scaffolding and chain link fencing; and processes such as brushing, mopping, erasing, smoothing, washing and painting.

Paul Wackers is a painter and ceramicist who started his art career working for conceptual art pioneer Sol LeWitt. Wackers uses objects that surround him in his studio and daily life as source material for his still life paintings. Plants, pottery, rocks and personal collectables feature in his work.

This is a really great publication, cleanly designed and lovingly produced – well worth tracking down, whether you’d consider yourself an art-lover or not!

Luke Tonge

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