Telegramme Stationery

Telegramme Stationery

by Telegramme Paper Co.

Introducing Telegramme Paper Co’s first full stationery collection! Taking inspiration from mid-century diner counter tops and Formica cafe tables, the collection provides thoughtful, modern, practical stationary mixed with bright, beautiful patterns from a bygone age.

The range of products includes notebook sets, notepads, notecards and gift wrap, all featuring Telegramme Paper Co’s signature use of bright, playful colours with a vintage twist.

With a joint love of fine paper goods and the lost joy of sending and receiving post, husband and wife team Bobby & Kate Evans started the now award winning Telegramme Paper Co. in london in 2014.

Now based out of the studio by the sea in Margate, they apply their unique illustration style to art prints, greetings cards and stationery. As well as taking commissions from clients as varied as Penguin, Habitat, Random House, Vodafone, Warner music and Condé Nast.

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