Self Portrait Postcards

Self Portrait Postcards

A new exhibition brings Facebook status updates out from behind the screen!

If you’re like most of us, you log in to facebook every day, write a status update and then what?

Instead of leaving them on screen, poet and writer Rishi Dastidar has been transcribing his status updates into notebooks for over three years! That’s more than a thousand posts that he’s now recorded and kept.

Why, you may ask?

According to Rishi, “it struck me quite early on in using facebook that status updates were more than that, and actually provided quite a deep glimpse into you and your personality. I was interested in how that might look over an extended period of time, and what that might reveal about someone. And it made sense to start with me. I hope the exhibition inspires people to think a bit more deeply about how they use facebook, and how much of themselves they share.”

Now Rishi and designer Matt Busher, working together as Mandatory Thinking, have now collaborated to bring these status updates out from notebooks and on to the walls of Her House Gallery in Hoxton, London.

Between Friday 30 September and Friday 14 October one thousand status updates will be displayed in the gallery as A5 postcards, or what they are calling ‘portrait postcards’. Visitors are encouraged to take away a portrait for themselves, all of which are catalogued on their site.

Exhibition Details

Her house gallery
26 Drysdale Street
London N1 6LS
Friday 30 September – Friday 14 October
11am – 5pm every day (closed sunday 9 october)

Glenn Garriock

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