Info Graphics

Info Graphics

As designers, our bread and butter is to communicate clear messages and give structure and order to content. Whether developing identity systems, designing corporate literature or constructing wayfinding infrastructure, it’s essential to present information in the most palatable way possible.

That’s why information graphics are such an important part of our profession. They can bring life and an immediacy that words alone can’t. However, for all the functional brilliance of well designed info graphics, there’s also a flip side – they can become a designer indulgence. There are plenty of examples of overly-complicated graphics, where messages are dilluted with design fluff, rendering them useless ornaments.

As a way of helping cut through that fluff, we’ve pulled together a selection of some of the best information graphic resources we’ve been able to find. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so feel free to add your own suggestions below.

Intelligence in Lifestyle this premium Italian publication, has justifiably been described as the “new holy grail of info graphic greatness”. The website certainly doesn’t do the publication justice, but you can see more from this Flickr, or even better visit the magazines art director Francesco Franchi.

Good – Another excellent resource, this site collaborates with designers to produce current affair info graphics. Love the American Voters interactive graphic.

Peter Grundy – This guy does a lot of the Guardian stuff, playful style. You can download his PDF portfolio through the link.

Datavis – Bit hit & miss, but still some decent stuff.

Nicholas Felton – Nicholas has made a name for himself by creating a personal annual report for each of the last five years. You’re no doubt already familiar with his work have long to wait until his 2010 report is released

Graphis Annuals – A blast from the past and, as a result, a difficult publication to properly track down. The Graphis Annual was produced through the 1970’s, with much of the work standing the test of time.

Information is Beautiful – This particular site suffers from quantity over quality, however there are some gems to be found. It just takes a bit of searching.

Jack Daly

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