by Jack Mussett

Word—Form is a new project by Motherbird Director Jack Mussett, which aims to explore the workings of the creative mind through words. Creatives are too often asked the same questions about their processes, practices and background. From these questions, we rarely gauge a true or honest understanding of what it means to be creative from a personal and professional point of view. Word—Form opens a dialogue by challenging creatives to reflect on their processes in an indirect way. Every month, 3 creatives write on a new topic, sharing their thoughts, experiences and opinions based around a single word.

The first Word—Form is “Pleasure” and has pieces written by Australian Creative Director renowned for his writing skills Christopher Doyle together with Art Director and designer Leta Sobierajski (who recently spoke att OFFF in Barca) &  James Brown Director of Mashdesign. Indeed not a bad line-up.

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