Who says you can’t design a strong brand without knowing the final product? Hessian is a brand without a product, a project tailored to fit any kind of business.

On sale for just $18,000 you can acquire not only the name and concept but also the url, website theme, app, social media presence, and all you need to start a new business; he will even devote extra hours to fit this idea to a specific brand.

“As a newborn idea, Hessian is aggressive and experimental. It fights for life by building meme-hooks through studies in contrasts, nostalgia, repetition and confusion. The Hessian could be a restaurant, a start-up, a clothing brand or more.”

This initiative also sheds light on the uprising of designers as entrepreneurs and all the possibilities available to creatives to launch ideas & prototypes online. It is breaking a paradigm and proving that design can be a product to be sold by itself.

The project is an idea by Ben Pieratt (previously Svpply’s CEO). According to his twitter account he already has two qualified interested buyers. We are looking forward to see how it evolves beyond t-shirts and wallpapers and transforms into a real brand.

Gabriela Salinas

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