Designspiration logo

Similar to other visual bookmarking apps but far more swiss-likw and refined in its design, Designinspiration gives the likes of FFFOUND! a run for its money in terms of UI design as well as a being rich pot of visual stimuli.

The kind folks at Designspiration have given us 3 free invites to the join the site for you lucky guides. In order to have chance to grab one, post a link to your portfolio in the comments below (multiple folios allowed) and we’ll review all the links submitted in the next 7 days (finishing on Wednesday 9th February at 23:59) and chose the 3 links we think are most inspiring and contact the lucky winners by email from the corresponding sites.

For those keen to know a little more on the background of Designspiration, Shelby White of Wanken studio (the brains behind the whole project) details the making of Designspiration including the whole process and design decisions that were taken to create and site and set itself apart from the crowd which makes for an insightful read.

Gil Cocker