Cuno von Hahn is an an interdisciplinary designer working for German agency KMS BLACKSPACE Munich.

In addition to his day job, Cuno has been developing his own photography portfolio “in an effort to describe those things that couldn’t be expressed with design”. The result is a stunning selection of landscapes all captured in New Zealand (is there anywhere more beautiful?).

As it was important for Cuno to stay mobile, all photos were shot with the X-Pro1, fujinon 14mm and fujinon 35mm. Another question often asked is whether the striking images were made in HDR, Cuno answers:

“I always try to avoid shooting HDR. Firstly, it is really complex and a time-consuming process and secondly, in my opinion the pictures become better and more natural, if I use graduate filters for more dynamic range. Shooting in RAW is also necessary.”

A selection of limited edition prints are also available through the CUNO shop.

Jack Daly
  • Written by Jack Daly
  • Posted on May 30, 2014

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