Camea – Vanish EP cover timelapse

Camea – Vanish EP cover timelapse

by Alland Byallo

Always fans of the method behind creativity, this timelapse shows Alland Byallo’s cover design process for Camea’s Neverwhere imprint. For every release on her label she works with Alland Byallo for the artwork.

Alland, originally from San Francisco and now based in Berlin, has taken Camea’s original concept of modern surrealistic Animal/Human hybrid characters and turned it into a progressing cast of mythological characters.

Each piece is created in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and is a detailed process of selecting a human body frame, rough sketching and image sourcing, trying on different ‘costumes’, and cutting, pasting, compositing, adding shadows and highlights, while trying out various adjustment layers. Each image is made of hundreds of pieces, hundreds of tweaks, and hand-drawn assets as some things can’t be brought to life digitally. Alland’s methods include Molotov paint markers and Faber Castell PITT pens, and he scans illustrations in on an Epson v550 at about 1200 dpi or more, to capture the grain of the paper and other flaws which give the lines character.

Alex Nelson

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