Computer Arts Collections

Computer Arts Collections

At the beginning of the year I wrote about a new series that Computer Arts started entitled ‘Collection’. Now half way through the first six-part volume, seems like a good time to give a brief review of the series so far.

Computer Arts have brought this series together to present a definitive guide to the core creative fields of: graphic design, typography, illustration, branding so far with photography and advertising still to follow.

Over the weekend I had a chance to read through issues 3 (Illustration) & 4 (Branding) which include in-depth special projects that show the work involved from start to finish. The illustration issue was guest-edited by Vault49 who were tasked to create two illustrations for a double-sided poster.

For Issue 4 on Branding Computer Arts invited Studio Output to build a brand for new youth organisation ‘State of Mind’, revealing their entire working process on a projekt of that scale.

The special project reports are a great insight and will be interesting for anyone that’s interested in getting into that specific field. Each issue is also filled with interviews and showcases of some rather talented people in each field with some well known faces (often featured on FFF) and some great new talents that I hadn’t come across yet.

The only part I wasn’t quite convinced by was the latest trends and movements report, produced exclusively for Computer Arts Collection by a ‘leading trend forecasting agency’. I think it would be more interesting to get different opinions from a variety of sources rather than hiring one expert to determine which trends might be popular in the following months. Which opens up an entirely different question which we should probably discuss in a separate post, how important/reliable/useful are trend reports actually? Personally I almost see trend-reports as a ‘What you shouldn’t be doing in the next 12 months’ list. What do you think?

Overall the magazines are incredible well produced and are more a substantial reference book than your standard issue graphics mag. I recommend you get your hands on a copy and see for yourself. You’ll find them in good newsagents in the UK (£15), Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million in the USA ($25), and around the world via the CA Shop.

If you do buy a copy (or have you’ve already read CA Collection) do let us know what you think.

Glenn Garriock

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