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“We’re really excited about this. The Boxset is a natural extension of everything we believe in at magCulture. The Journal and the Shop do a lot to guide people toward the best magazines, and the Boxset promises to spread the word about them to people who may be aware of the scene but are unsure how to navigate it.

The best cafés already offer their customers a unique atmosphere, great coffee and perfect food; why shouldn’t they provide the very best reading material too?” – Jeremy Leslie

The magCulture Boxset is a new subscription service from our pals at the magCulture Shop. It’s, perhaps unsurprisingly, a box of five quality magazines, delivered to your business to share with customers and staff. Each quarterly selection will be a unique set of new issues carefully chosen to reflect the exciting independent magazine scene.

The first magCulture Boxset will be sent the first week of April 2017, featuring these five magazines:
The Gentlewomen #15, Delayed Gratification #25, MacGuffin #4, Migrant Journal #1 & Racquet #2.

We believe the selection gives a good mix of established favourites (The Gentlewoman, Delayed Gratification), exciting newcomers (Migrant Journal and Racquet) and the yet-to-be-revealed fourth issue of magCulture favourite MacGuffin. The box will also have reading notes for each magazine.

Depending on whether you’re in the UK, Europe or US, subscription costs are between £60 and £80 and all you need to do is sign up to an ongoing subscription that can be cancelled at any time. In return you’ll receive an inspiring delivery of publishing greatness every three months!

Luke Tonge

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