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Sixpack Zines


1998, Sixpack opens it’s first store in Paris, with no business strategy & no daddy’s boys socializing, the first Sixpack tee-shirt is made.

2009 and Sixpack is still collaborating with incredible artists around the world, from Steven Harrington to Parra.

Famous for their clothing, Sixpack has started building a solid line-up of posters, books and zines, the later being the reason for this post. Sixpack kindly asked us to select our favourite zines from their range for a feature on FFF, all of which are of course available for purchase from the Sixpack Shop. So without further ado here are our top 3.



The book PMKFA is a diverse collection of the works of the Tokyo-based graphic designer of the same name. Ranging from rather classic character design to abstract photography via crisp pattern designs for the garment industry and giant three-dimensional installations, PMKFA aka Michael Thorsby has gained reputation not by building a significant trademark style but via a diversity that never seem to stop surprising nor disappoint.

The 80 pages of the book offers little space for the eyes to rest, instead the book reflects the intensity of PMKFA’s work pace the past few years, since his move from Europe to Tokyo. Jumping from one medium to another even within a spread this is the way PMKFA work and this can be described in part B of the book, texts based on two discussions with three close friends and creators from Canada and Sweden.

Horror Vacui

To celebrate the Erosie “Horror Vacui” Exhibition, Sixpack France has edited a 24 pages fanzine illustrated by Erosie. Very abstract, without any letters illustration and any text, the fanzine is about “the fear of emptiness, noise and chaos”.

Perfect Day Fanzine

Zbiok is a young Polish artist. Through the fanzine Perfect Day, the artist tells with his recognizable and convincing style a short-graphic novel about people, and what a perfect day represents for them.

Glenn Garriock

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