Gestalten TV

Gestalten TV

Gestalten are probably one of the best design book publishers around and we’ve always had a soft spot for their great quality titles such as Airside by Airside and Tangible (which we recently gave away a few copies of). They’ve now branched out from their usual domain with Gestalten TV, a look behind the scenes of many of their publications, focusing on the process and design behind them along side interviews with the artists and designers featured in them.

Available through the motion section of their site or through the iTunes Music Store, they’re usually pretty short—about 3 to 5 minutes—but offer a real insight to this behemoth of a publisher and are pretty well produced and in some cases show off the beautifully designed book spreads. We’ve managed to watch a good number of them now on the commute to work and highly recommend checking out United Visual Artists, soon to be released Papercraft and interview with Julien Vallée (shown above).

Head over to Gestalten TV for a full list of episodes where they’re also available in HD.

Gil Cocker

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