Top 5 Youtube Channels to follow

Top 5 Youtube Channels to follow

by Andrew Gooch

I recently found out that motion graphic designer Andrew Gooch of Studio Ultra shares my fascination with youtube. After listening to him on the Design Jones podcast I invited him to share his top 5 channels with us. He’s whittled his long list down to his absolute favourite and most watched channels to follow. He also added a list of honourable mentions for good measure.

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5. SciShow ↑

SciShow if you hadn’t guessed is all about science, and has two sister channels SciShow Space and SciShow Psychology. They focus on creating videos that explain and keep you up to date on the most recent scientific discoveries, as well as future plans and studies all within the scientific field. Most of their videos are hosted by Hank Green, a YouTube celebrity and intelligent guy, and are mostly spoken straight to camera with occasional cuts to images and footage. This makes them good to just listen to in the background whilst I work. It’s a great one to subscribe to as they post videos daily and most are around 5 minutes, so quick and easy to fit into your day.

4. Good Mythical Morning ↑

Hosted by two guys called Rhett and Link, they make a daily morning show that is short and entertaining. It’s a really popular channel and one of the top YouTube channels. I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it. There isn’t really any kind of focus on their show; they can talk about anything and will sometimes just answer questions. Other times they will make a ‘will it…?’ episode where they try to combine things to see if they will work together, e.g ‘will it doughnut?’ where they tried different doughnut types with things such a spaghetti or shaving foam to see if they ‘will’ or ‘won’t’. I usually have one on in the background whilst I work. I would recommend it to anyone as they are easy to watch and fun.

3. Colin Furze ↑

Colin makes really cool and eccentric inventions that he builds all from his home. It’s really interesting to see someone make something, but Colin ups it to another level by also adding entertaining elements to his videos. I think a lot of people knows his channel, especially if you are as they are always shared online and he does have 4.6 million subscribers (at the time of writing this). Worth a watch for quick videos that are very inspiring to get out there and make something. Even though I don’t think I have anywhere near the skill he does, I do feel like he makes building seem accessible to anyone.

2.1 Nerdwriter ↑

This is a cheat as I couldn’t decide between these two. Both channels are regular video essays focused on film, music, television, politics, or pop culture. Each has its own unique style, but both are really well researched and entertaining. Nerdwriter makes a weekly video essay that covers loads of different topics. Evan Puschak (the Nerdwriter) has a really interesting approach to exploring different subjects. The videos mainly consist of cut together footage with his narration over the top. It has given me an appreciation for new things; it has introduced me to new artists and films I would never have looked at before. I love these kinds of videos that have research behind them, but also give you a personal opinion of the subject. It helps question or reaffirm my own opinions on the topic and has developed the way I critique and think about things.

2.2 KaptainKristian ↑

KaptainKristian is a channel similar to Nerdwriter – he makes video essays that examine aspects of films, games and pop culture in general. His videos are an in-depth look into a very specific subject such as ‘Star Wars – Designing Universe of Sound’, which reveals his insight into how the sound design in cinema makes films great (in this case Star Wars). The videos are really well researched and put together. Plus for me I really like the intro and outro music on all of his videos. Basically a super cool channel.

1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nut Shell ↑

Kurzgesagt means ‘In a nut shell’ in german. It’s a channel full of animated explainer videos about all kinds of subjects that whittles down the important information. They describe themselves as “Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism” and this is very apparent when watching any of their videos. They have a really recognisable illustration style that helps keep complex subject matter easy to understand. Recently they have covered subjects such as white dwarf stars, the European Union and GMO foods. I love learning about new stuff and have put this in my number one spot as I always look forward to watching their videos and they get my full attention.

Honourable mentions

Minute Physics
This channel explains in depth physics concept in an easy to understand way. He doesn’t dumb down the science or mathematics but still keeps everything clear.

Belated Media
Belated Media creates great videos questioning mainly films. He is a really good critic and has a really strong idea on story structure and how to improve upon a story. It is interesting to watch something that doesn’t focus on how a film looks or is made but rather how it works as a story.

Now you see it
‘Now you see it’ is a channel looking at film techniques and tropes. Worth a watch for anyone into film.

This channel is all about philosophy, presented in a way that is entertaining and informative. It explains different aspects of film, television and books. They have a great way of giving you a different perspective.

Adam Savage from mythbusters has a site called Tested which offers premium content videos, but has loads of free content on its youtube channel also named Tested. This channel has lots of different videos on it about mostly making and building, but for me the best are Adams one Day build videos, where he builds something, such as a cosplay outfit, in one day. They do also have videos exploring film sets, props, and how things are made. They are all interesting and full of good techniques.

Mike Boyd
His channel is all about trying to learn how to do things qucikly. Most of these talents aren’t useful, but are cool things to learn. I find his channel quite inspiring, as it makes me remember that if I put my mind to something I can learn it.

Tom Scott
Tom Scott is a really intelligent guy who hosts his channel containing loads of really interesting videos. He has a few categories, such as ‘Things you might not know’ and ‘Amazing Places’ which are quite self explanatory, but are always very insightful and I always learn something from them.

Veritasium / Smarter Everyday
Both of these channels have similar kinds of content, both looking at scientific ideas. They put a question forward and try to answer it, showing the method of discovery as well as the outcome. They have joined forces in the past to work on some videos together.

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