Getting to know Playground Paris

Getting to know Playground Paris


Delving in to who produced the great new portfolio site for Studio Twice unravelled Playground Paris. The studio name for graphic designer Valentin Adam, which was founded back in 2011. With a wide range of great graphic and illustration work covering both print and digital, we were totally sold. Gratefully, I managed to grab a second out of Adam’s exciting schedule to get to know Playground a little better.

How did Playground begin?

Playground begun with a desire to have fun while working. I’ve been a freelancer for 8 years now, mostly working within web & motion design, and my love for typography & colour became stronger and stronger, but I didn’t have the time to play with it. I stopped everything for 2 months, to experiment & have fun with colour and letters, and I decided to create my own playing field, my own playground.


What are you up to at the moment?

What’s good with Playground is that I can work in various fields. I’m now working on some motion graphics for Le Coq Sportif, an identity design for a theatre company, art direction for a record label, an event identity for a design exhibition by Orange, some websites and maybe a book design, soon… I never have the same day, the same demands, the same clients, as I don’t have a special “style” I can have fun searching the good tone for each demand.

What would be your favourite piece from your current portfolio, what are you most proud of?

It’s quite hard, as I love to change as much as possible my work. I would say I like some works in different fields, for example Iconoclast Image’s website, the photos I did for Sosh’s tumblr or maybe the still at-work identity for PlusPlus, but I think Playground is still missing one huge project, which I can decline over identity, print design, posters, web…


“Playground begun with a desire to have fun while working”


What does the future hold?

Well, I would like to work on more music covers & cultural identities, book design… That was my objective for 2014 and it’s starting to bear fruits! Also, I’m planning to build something new, maybe a coffee shop, maybe a gallery, maybe a magazine, maybe everything linked… I’m searching how graphic design can live and still be fun for years, and there are a lot of ways to make it.

Do you see potential for Playground turning into a larger studio? More staff? More collaboration?

It may be a good thing soon, but I still need to “shape” Playground, make it more focus on some graphic directions… or not. I’ve always worked alone, and I don’t want to pay people to do my work! What I love about this job is that we can make everything from nothing, loosing our mind over some strange ideas or idiot directions… and for now I want to shape Playground exactly how I feel it.

Collaborations is another thing, I’m surrounded by talented friends with whom I would love to collaborate and work. That’s why I’m talking about a newspaper or a gallery, it can be another way to have fun…

For more brilliance, head over to Playgrounds portfolio below, or if you’re good with your French – follow them on Twitter!


James Kirkup