Cover Profile: Viktor Vukasinovic

Cover Profile: Viktor Vukasinovic

Every month we invite a established or promising creative to design a cover image for the FFF homepage. I came across Viktor Vukasinovic’s work on Instagram during a 36 days of type project where Viktor used particles and patterns to create letters and number. For our masthead he wanted to explore a more meaningful message to reflect his current mood with the world.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello! I’m Viktor Vukasinovic, a 26 years old graphic designer & typographer. I received my Master in graphic design 2 years ago at ISBA (Higher Institute of Fine Art) in Besançon, France, where I’ve been working as a freelancer since. I mostly draw type, but I also design visual identities, websites, posters and books for my clients, often for cultural events or start-ups.

I like to spending my time with my friends, go for walks when it’s sunny and look out at space when there are no clouds!

How do you approach a new project?

Like everybody, I think: with a lot of questions to the client to see what they want, need and mostly what we can achieve together. I research for what has already been done, what can be done and then make a start. I see my profession as long dialog between myself and the client, and every project is a step forward for me, as for my clients.

I often have to work to short deadlines, so when I can do some personal projects I like to take all the time I can find to go deeper into my research, the meaning and the purpose. Those personal projects are initiallyfor myself but can be sometimes be used for future clients when the opportunity comes. Especially when it’s about typography!

What do you listen to while you work?

Everything that ends with -rap : Rap, trap, crap…
Seriously I also like some Jazz, Soul, Funk, Electro, Rock music… Everything is fine: it’s all about the mood. Right now it’s the new album from Joey Bada$$, tomorrow it can be some Daft Punk, or maybe Louis Armstrong!

What would be your dream project?

When the client and I make the project move forward. When the budget does not require us to limit ourselves. When my personals ideas merge with the client’s professional needs. And when there is type design involved, obviously.

Do you work from home or in an office?

Currently I work from home. But when it’s required, I go from workshops to workshops for silkscreen printing, letterpress printing… these are mostly friends from school or ex-teachers who I stayed in touch with. It’s helpful and stimulating!

What’s Besançon, where you live, like?

Charming. Natural. Architectural. Historical.
Besançon is culturally interesting, it’s an outdoor museum, and still there is often exhibitions, concerts. A strong student presence that is growing up. Living in this dynamic can only be beneficial for your creativity and mind. It’s all one can ask for really.

Even if it does rain a lot. Sometimes for a long time, too long… But if you like cheese, this is the place to live!

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