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Glasgow Press

Fellow FFF’r Greig Anderson and I met up with Larry and Dan at the Glasgow Press this morning. They are what you might call an endangered species. They practice the craft of Letterpress, surrounded by their beautifully antiquated Heidelberg presses. Each of these repetitively whoosh and groan as they go about their assigned tasks. These presses are the last of their kind. As Larry says ‘Once they’re gone they’re gone’. The same can be said of the knowledge and craftsmanship that is required to produce letterpress printing.

Having said this there is a fast growing demand for Letterpress and indeed other forms of the more ‘traditional’ printing techniques. (Glasgow Press’ full schedule is proof of this). The niche has become a point of differentiation. An emotive and nostalgic alternative to the digital norm. Something designers commission when they want to create a lasting impression. (pardon the pun)

We’d like to thank Dan and Larry for taking the time to show us around their print studio. It was great to get out of our sterile studio environment and see design in action, at the coal-face so to speak. You can view more of the beautiful work Glasgow Press’ produce on their website  More images on our Flickr stream.



Stinkdigital, who have the dubious honour of having FFFer Gui Seiz as a Creative Director, finally put their new site live after a year and a half of ‘coming soon’.

Stink work with some truly world-class directors and do some of the most innovative interactive sites with video (amongst other things) out there today in my opinion. Check them out.


Agent Pekka — Update

It’s been a while since we’ve featured the Helsinki-based creative consultancy Agent Pekka. When I heard about the launch of their first continental Europe office in Amsterdam I thought it about time to post a little update with some exclusive images of a series of unique artworks to be presented at the opening exhibition ‘PEKKA IS HERE’ involving an impressive line-up of 25 artists.

“The interesting mix of international and local advertising agencies, the presence of strong global brands and the appreciation the Dutch have for good design, are all reasons why we chose Amsterdam as the city for our first office abroad. Ultimately, however, it was finding the perfect candidate for heading the new office that sealed the deal for us. I am confident and excited to see how our roster of talent will inspire the local creatives.” says Pablo Steffa, co-founder of Agent Pekka, referring to Caroline Svensson who will head up the Amsterdam office.

The show will be open to view Saturday May 5 from 12 – 6pm, and Thursday May 10 to Saturday May 12 from 12 – 6pm.

PEKKA IS HERE GUNS & BUTTER Lauriergracht 11 1016 Amsterdam


Lilli Carré

Lilli Carré is a Chicago-based artist who works in illustration, animation and comics. I came across her work many years ago after reading her comic book The Lagoon – which I wholeheartedly recommend! I particularly like these book covers she did recently for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn published by Penguin Classics and Very Good, Jeeves! for W.W. Norton & Co. Be sure to stop be her site to check out her portfolio, and buy some of her fantastic books!  Besides The Lagoon, I would recommend her comic Nine Ways to Disappear.

There is a really great interview with Lille Carré on The Comics Reporter.

» Lilli Carré’s Portfolio


O Street

Glasgow studio O Street have a new site with a smattering of new projects. There’s some particularly strong branding work on show, one of the more noteworthy examples being the new identity for the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The identity was launched to coincide with the major refurbishment of the Edinburgh gallery’s landmark building, which re-opened to the public on 1 December. Focusing on the word ‘Portrait’, the typographic mark can change its character to reflect the wide range of the art and colourful personalities that the collection presents. Great example of a simple, well executed and flexible concept. It seems there’s plenty more where that came from too.


2 x 4 x Awesome

What better way to start your Friday morning than checking out what some of NY’s finest, 2×4, have been up to lately. Have been massive fans of the studio for many a year, and so glad they’ve finally got a site that shows off their stunning work in all it’s true glory.


Rob Bailey

The man I never thought would get his website online has finally launched today. There are many a designer who try and learn the craft of minimal graphic illustration but none I would consider even close to this man. Those who know him have seen the monolithic amount of work he has produced which isn’t available to see on the internet. Rob Bailey is certainly someone to be celebrated as some what of a master of this art.


FFF & The I.P.H

We’ve got an exciting series of articles planned for you that will document what it means to launch a new gallery & studio in collaboration with The International Picture House. Over the next month fellow FFF contributor Chris Gray will keep us updated on his latest project, which should be a great insight for anyone thinking of setting up their own studio or gallery.

Their goal is to source, commission or construct everything required from independent traders & craftsman. With updates every couple of days we’ll follow Chris and his colleagues towards the launch of a new creative space.

There are also a couple of workplaces available if you’re on the lookout for one!


Hello Von

It’s been a while since we’ve featured London-based illustrator & artist Von who is about to release a lovely new print on his shop. Today is the last day you can pre-order the Semblance 2 print and receive a free ‘Bird 16’ riso print worth £45.

Visit the Von Shop for more info and check out his portfolio.


Nicolas Winding Refn: Drive

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive hit U.K. cinema screens on Friday 23rd September. I was lucky enough to see it several times over the weekend and can honestly say it’s one of, if not the most stylish film I’ve seen. It’s just downright cool! Ryan Gosling is cool as the unnamed Driver, Albert Brooks is cool as the West Coast mobster, Newton Thomas Sigel’s cinematography is cool, Hossein Amini’s screenplay is cool, the soundtrack is cool, and the pink Mistral-esque lettering… surprisingly cool. All this in a cool 100 minutes. Unsurprisingly, Refn was awarded Best Director at Cannes, where the film was also nominated for the Palme d’Or.

I never thought I’d describe a film as ‘cool’. Trying to be cool can often lead to something quite different. Perhaps Drive isn’t trying to be cool, perhaps it’s just a really good film made by people who really know what they’re doing and have invested a lot of time and effort into doing it. Everything is very uncomplicated, and apart from the Driver’s quiet moments, straight to the point. This rather brisk approach keeps a neat, relatively short story extremely entertaining, entrancing and easy to watch.

I highly recommend this to anyone with a little movie-based patience. Drive isn’t all-out action, it doesn’t need to be — as cheesy as it sounds, it says so much by saying so little.

I’m not going to make a habit of posting films on a design blog — however, I thought for this I could bend the rules a little. I believe anyone with a keen artistic eye will see Drive as a true masterpiece.

Official site Cannes press kit IMDb / Wikipedia


Disney Brand Book

One of the guys in the office spotted this brand book from Disney. I think it’s really interesting, if a bit weird/sexist in places. Has the good old brand book changed that much since the 40’s? You decide. Thanks to Matt K for the heads up.

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