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Havana Club Inspired Ingenuity

The project is a competition that Havana Club are running based on the theme of ‘Inspired Ingenuity’; a reference to the spirit of the people of Havana, who pride themselves on their ability to create what they need from what they have. The competition is taking place over the first six months of 2011, challenging artists, musicians and other creative talents to takes the everyday and turn it into something special. A winner will be picked each month, and the final winner will win a trip to Cuba. The project is being run through the Havana Club Facebook page To help promote the competition, graphic design studio Intercity commissioned three artists to create a piece of work that takes the everyday and turns it into something special. Title: SNEAKER SPEAKERS Artist: NASH Sneaker customiser Nash responsed to the brief by transforming a pair of all-white Nike Air Force 1’s into a fully functional set of ‘Sneaker Speakers’. Nash was a perfect choice for as we see sneaker customisation as its own form of Inspired Ingenuity. Read an interview with Nash here. Title: INGREDIENTS Artist: CEMAL OKTEN Symbolising Cuba’s love of music, product designer Cemal Okten has used everyday objects to create something greater than the sum of its parts. The fully functional headphones are made from a tin can, a coat hanger, a piece of rope and two corks. Title: PICNIC TABLE Artist: I HAVE POP™ Founded by Jurjen Semeijn, Amsterdam-based I Have Pop™ is known for its innovative ideas and multi-dimensional projects. For this street art installation they appropriated the fences from a local roadworks site and constructed a picnic table in the park. See the video of the I Have Pop™ piece here. The Identity: Intercity also created the Inspired Ingenuity logo, using objects from around the studio including a ring-pull, polystyrene packaging, a fuse, a paperclip and a coat-hanger.


Cut & Paste Competition

Cut&Paste today announced an extension to the US submission deadline for its 2010 brilliantly named Global Digital Design Tournament. The new deadline is September 17, providing one more week for designers to enter to compete. Designers around the world are invited to enter online. The 2010 Call for Competitors is open for entries in 2D, 3D, and Motion Design. US test rounds for New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles will begin the weekend of September 18-19.


Anti Design Festival

Those talented chaps at Research Studios have been in touch to remind anybody who is wishing to contribute to their Anti Design Festival, that confirmation of participation is required by next Monday, July 19.

To contribute, and for more information, get in touch with Andy direct—

This is a call for submissions for the Anti Design Festival, which will run from 18-26 September on and around Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, London. The ADF is an alternative art and design festival initiated by Neville Brody that promotes work that challenges contemporary stereotypes. This is work that is seen as uncommercial, dangerous, and anti-establishment. For artists, designers, and other creatives this is an opportunity to exhibit work alongside contributors including Jonathan Barnbrook, Stuart Semple, and Stefan Sagmeister.

While we are keeping exhibition details under wraps, we are interested in soliciting creative work that pushes the boundaries of conventional art and design. This is the chance to show previous work that has failed with clients or instructors, or to produce completely new work without the imposition of market restrictions. Because this festival is completely non-profit in orientation, we cannot pay for contributions. However, this is an opportunity for your work to engage a wide audience in a context that will challenge and provoke the public to rethink the role of art and design in contemporary culture.

Submissions can take any form you want, but the bulk of the work should be cheaply made and reproducible so that visitors can take it and use it however they want. You can send us actual printed pieces, but you would have to pay for shipping (email us first to confirm shipping details). Most probably, you would send us PDFs of work that are up to A3 in size (black and white or color) that we can reproduce for you, or digital files to be shown on computers. Here are some suggested formats: Objects/ephemera already produced; PDFs of graphics to be photocopied onto A4 Sheets; Posters; Images or motion graphics to be displayed out of monitors; Sound to be played into headphones

Below is a list of creative prompts we’ve culled to inspire you. Feel free to use them as you’d wish.

If you are interested in contributing, please confirm your participation to by Monday, 19 July. The final due date for all submissions is Friday, 13 August. For more information, please visit

‘I preferred a more mechanical method’

‘The alternative English garden wall’

‘Fasten the secret nails through the tongues’

‘Peculiar personal sufferings and distresses’

‘The scene I witnessed was a repetition’

‘I don’t think it’s possible for me to get home now without a guide’

‘They were dressed half for battle and half for tennis’

‘Rules are good. Break them’

‘Little tots being nasty to each other’

‘Content, form devoid of function, and commerce’

‘Abandoned the commune, hitchhiked back’

‘You did not arrest me’

‘Put away perversity from your mouth’

‘The Earth will give birth to her dead’

‘People say “Now, now, what’s wrong?”‘

‘The leading maker of LSD’

‘Like a seductive fairy tale’

‘Incisions sutured under moderate tension’


D&AD Student Awards

The D&AD Student Awards took place yesterday in Spitalfields Market. Some nice work on show, but the stand out piece was by Jessica Reynolds and Serena Wise. Their work for the IKEA open brief had a simple but brilliant idea, deservedly landing them the honour of Student of the Year. See more work here.


Malibu By U

Nathan from design agency Intercity got in touch to tell us about a new project called Malibu By U, a special limited edition bottle by Malibu. The white bottle has been turned into a blank canvas so anyone can design their very own label. The project will be supported with a digital gallery –  where people can either upload a photograph of their creation or create their designs directly onto the bottle using a range of tools. The best three entries will win a trip to locations such as Rio, Vegas or Barbados.

Providing inspiration to the public will three selected artists – Jimi Crayon, Pinky Tesfay and MNKY. The artists will be creating their own version of Malibu By U in various locations around London as a series of live art events taking place on Tuesday 18th May from 10am. Malibu’s Facebook page will be providing regular updates on all the artists involved and where their work can be seen. The project was launched at Colette in Paris last year, with 100 limited edition bottles each by artists Delta, James Jarvis and So-Me (bottom). Intercity’s very own bottle design can be seen top where they created a typographic stencil by cutting away the white plastic that’s on the bottle – and then had it lit from behind to illuminate the text.


Open Call for Art/Roc/Doc Film Titles

The nice folks over at Central Station have asked us to spread the word about a film project being produced by some of its members, Art/Roc/Doc. The film documents Glasgow band Isosceles’ trip down to London in October 2009 to play a headlining show at the PLUS event, while also exploring the various goings on at the Frieze Art Fair.

So where do you guys come in? Simple… they need designers to contribute titles for the film. If you think this might be your bag, more details can be found in the Art/Roc/Doc project page on the Central Station site. The deadline for applications is midnight on 17 January, so if you fancy a shot you’ll need to get cracking! Good luck.


Very Reindeer Hunt!

Rich from Very has just let me know about their Christmas competition – hidden within their newly updated site are Mr.T’s lost reindeer! If you find one, email them its name and tag number and you could be one of the 9 winners …So far I’ve only found 1! While on the site check out their projects, and their shop full of fun stuff.


ISTD Typographic Awards 2009

I received the ISTD 2009 International Typographic Awards catalogue* through my letterbox the other week and what a little gem it is. The variety and undoubted quality of submissions make it a fantastic contemporary reference for anyone interested in typography and graphic design.

Special congratulations must go to Studio Apeloig of Paris, who received the prestigious Overall Winner’s award for their series of posters for Théâtre du Châtelet. Awards Jury Chair Gilmar Wendt sums the poster series up rather well:

‘Three posters. Black and white type on coloured backgrounds. I first saw them in situ on the metro in Paris where their sheer visual power cut through all the clutter of signage, ads and busy people jumping on and off the trains. I don’t remember any of the other ads but these posters stuck with me. What is so wonderful about them is how they are at the same time clear information design, and beautiful graphics. Because the words drive the design, all three of them, whilst using the same principles, become unique pieces. And if the typography provides unity, the coloured backgrounds help differentiate. Simple, beautiful, intriguing.’

Winners of Premier Awards include Cartlidge Levene (for their brilliant wayfinding signage at the Guardian newspaper HQ), Barcelona based Studio Astrid Stavro (featured in this month’s Grafik), Studio 8 Design, Vienna’s Bohatch Visual Communication and Bockting Ontwerpers of Amsterdam amongst others.

* For those of you who are still writing Christmas lists, there’s a few copies of the catalogue left and they’re being sold on the ISTD website


Visual Aid 2: Competition—and the winner is…

To mark the recent release of Visual Aid: v. 2: You Can Never Know Enough Stuff, the people kind people at Draught Associates are giving away one of their brand new poster from the book.

Visual Aid 2 is the sequel to a book that hit our desk last November which we feel in love with the aesthetic of. Full of titbits and random information that you once new and have long forgotten, Visual Aid 2 is well designed using lots of flat vectors and bright hues presenting the content in a playful and inviting way.

This time round spreads from the book have been printed as poster in various sizes—very reminiscent of The Guardian Wall Chart series. One lucky person can win their choosing of any one of the posters and choose the size from the selection available on the Visual Aid Shop.

To win, send your answer to the following question to win[at] by 29th November 2009 and we’ll announce the winner on the following Monday.

Taking a leaf from the first Visual Aid; Who is taller Mr Stay Puft or King Kong?

Best of luck.

… and the lucky winner is James Allwright. Congrats James and we’ll be sending out your choice of poster very soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered and commiseration if you didn’t win this time round. There’s always next time.

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