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Glenn Garriock — 1548 posts
Graphic designer – Uetze, Germany

Jack Daly — 1185 posts
Graphic designer & Illustrator – Glasgow,…

Lois Daly — 45 posts
Lois Daly – Graphic Designer, Glasgow

Alex Nelson — 79 posts
Designer/coder – Leeds/London/Melbourne

Guy Moorhouse — 45 posts
Independent designer and technologist — London,…

Gil Cocker — 319 posts
Designer & Maker – London, UK

Barry van Dijck — 125 posts
Designer & Illustrator – Breda, The Netherlands

Gui Seiz — 135 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Chris J
Chris Jackson — 71 posts
Graphic Designer – Leeds, UK

Tom Vining
Tom Vining — 12 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Tommy Borgen
Tommy Borgen — 15 posts
Graphic Designer – Oslo, Norway

Clinton Duncan — 24 posts
Creative director – Sydney, Australia

Amanda Jones — 25 posts
Graphic Designer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gabriela Salinas — 18 posts
Graphic designer – Monterrey, México.

Felicia Aurora Eriksson
Felicia Aurora Eriksson — 6 posts
Graphic Designer – Melbourne, Australia

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Tommy Borgen

Tommy Borgen

Graphic Designer – Oslo, Norway

Posts by Tommy Borgen:



Teehan+Lax came out with a new site a while ago and I must admit they have done a really good job. Their new site is essentially built on great storytelling and simple navigation, done in a way that captures the user with interesting content that is easy to read.

Through the years they have achieved tremendous success and with good reason. I would recommend reading their story about how they have built the company (The making of Teehan+Lax).



Uniform has been creating beautiful design for 15 years now and is still going strong. Here is a few bits I really like and I would highly recommend that you have a look at their site. Their 15 year anniversary site is also worth a visit.


Linn Flammier

Linn Flammier is a very talented fashion photographer from Oslo, currently living in Hamburg.

She has studied photography and film Napier University UK and digital film making at New York Film Academy. I really like the subtle moods she creates with her photography although the pictures got punch. Linn is currently looking for exiting people and projects to work with so don’t hesitate to contact her.


Pål Laukli

Pål is an experienced photographer with loads of great work. He has become one of Norway’s most profiled artists and have proved to be a very versatile photographer.

You can find his work at Tinagent, an agency filled with talented photographers. Be sure to check out some of the other artists as well.


Kontribit is a social interest network where you can collect and share stuff you like — and discover new fantastic content, topics and people.

Kontribit is currently in closed beta, but you can request invites at The people behind Kontribit is a new creativ agency based in Oslo by the name Lemonade.



Anders Nærø Tangen is a young talented designer living and working in Oslo, used to work for Bleed but have now started a new job at Bekk. Despite his young age Anders is a designer with great visual and conceptual understanding. He’s done some clever work for Bleed in the past and does some nifty conseptual work on the side. Looking forward to see some more projects from Anders in the future. //


The Metric System.

Are Kleivan & Christian Schnitler  = The Metric System is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio, based in Oslo.

I personally love the identity for a burger joint in Oslo, which goes by the name of “Illegal Burger”. Great concept which is well executed.

In the last 5 years they have also done the design for one of Norway’s biggest music festivals which is held in Oslo, “The Øya Festival“. They have announced that they will be updating with some new work soon, so it will be worth revisiting their site in a while if you like their stuff. Enjoy!



Anti is a multi-disciplinary design agency based in Oslo and Bergen (Norway)

Allot of Antis design work as I see it is a wonderful mix between fashion and Norwegian black metal. They have also made their own brand of jeans which goes by the name of Anti Sweden. If you like pitch black jeans you can buy them at Anti Sweden which also happens to be a really nice site.

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To my mind you should keep it, because they are not 100% similar. In this case all other brands, which have similar logos, for example circles, or brands like Airbnb, should stop using their brands. You have wrote about your …

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