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Glenn Garriock — 1578 posts
Graphic designer – Uetze, Germany

Jack Daly — 1191 posts
Graphic designer & Illustrator – Glasgow,…

Lois Daly — 45 posts
Lois Daly – Graphic Designer, Glasgow

Alex Nelson — 80 posts
Designer/coder – Leeds/London/Melbourne

Guy Moorhouse — 46 posts
Independent designer and technologist — London,…

Gil Cocker — 321 posts
Designer & Maker – London, UK

Barry van Dijck — 125 posts
Designer & Illustrator – Breda, The Netherlands

Gui Seiz — 135 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Chris J
Chris Jackson — 72 posts
Graphic Designer – Leeds, UK

Tom Vining
Tom Vining — 12 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Tommy Borgen
Tommy Borgen — 15 posts
Graphic Designer – Oslo, Norway

Clinton Duncan — 24 posts
Creative director – Sydney, Australia

Amanda Jones — 27 posts
Graphic Designer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gabriela Salinas — 21 posts
Graphic designer – Monterrey, México.

Felicia Aurora Eriksson
Felicia Aurora Eriksson — 6 posts
Graphic Designer – Melbourne, Australia

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Sean Rees

Graphic Designer – London, UK

Posts by Sean:


Interbrand Australia

Interbrand Australia are a studio at the top of their game, hot off the heels of their rebranding of Sydney Opera House which has deservedly been doing the rounds on the design blogs, is their playful rebranding of another Australian instituation, the Australian Design Centre.

ADC Concept Video from Interbrand Australia on Vimeo.

ADC Brand Video from Interbrand Australia on Vimeo.

“Having established kids as ADC’s new primary focus, we needed to find a way to communicate with them (without excluding our other audiences). So we created a colourful and customisable identity system, inspired by building blocks – the universal symbol of creativity, discovery, and learning through play. But it’s not all fun and games. While the system encourages curiosity and experimentation, it always puts what matters most at the centre – no matter whether that’s a global issue, an exhibition title, or simply the name of a visiting child.”


Festive Spirit: Ragged Edge Christmas Cocktail Giveaway

Luke at London studio Ragged Edge got in touch about their Christmas giveaway in collaboration with mixologist Mr Lyan to blend Grey Goose vodka, spiced berries, grapefruit, cloves and ‘Christmas Cake Sherry.’

“Christmas is all about sharing so we thought we’d give away a few of our delicious Christmas cocktails. It’s Christmas spirit in a bottle.”

“All you have to do is follow us on either Twitter or Instagram and ‘RT” or ‘Regram’ our post. We’ll pick a few winners at random and send them out on 18th December. #ChristmasSpirit

Cheers, and Good luck!


StudioPlaylist 07: HeyDays

It’s that time of the month where a new studio takes over the FFF jukebox, to end the year in style are Norwegian studio Heydays who grace us with a 55 track insight into the sounds of their studio.

You can listen to it via Spotify here!

Thanks guys!

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British Rail Corporate Identity Manual: Kickstarter by Wallace Henning

A high spec reproduction of the iconic British Rail Corporate Identity Manual, now funding on Kickstarter

Leaves on the lines, the wrong kind of snow, and soggy stale sandwiches never really helped British Rail become a brand that was truly loved by the nation. Yet, in 2011 the readers of Creative Review voted British Rail’s ‘double arrow’ as their sixth favourite logo.

This book will celebrate British Rail’s identity in its entirety – not only its distinctive symbol. With full agreement from the Department of Transport – these iconic manuals initially created in 1965 will be published as a new, high production book.

Foreword by Michael C Place creative director and founder of Build. Introduction by Tony Howard, former head of design at British Rail. Essay from James Greenfield, creative director & founder of Koto.

The project has been created by Wallace Henning, a London based graphic designer. Through the research for his MA, investigating an identity for a renationalised transport network in Britain, lead to his passion and collection of British Rail design.

The Kickstarter campaign for the British Rail Corporate Identity Manual runs until 22 December 2015, and is seeking to raise £40,000. Visit the campaign to read more here


Lust Pro Series: Positype

Lust is a serif typeface designed by Neil Summerour and released through Positype, described as a “typographic guilty pleasure”.

If Lust seems both new and familiar, that’s because it is. The series unapologetically channels Herb Lubalin, but produced with a deliberate, contemporary twist. Intended to be set large, the typeface boasts 3 widths and 5 weights and matching italics for both the Regular and Didone variants (that’s 60 fonts in total).

To celebrate the release of the typeface, photographer Daniela Nomura & Neil Summerour collaborated to create a “visual narrative” for the Lust Pro release, inspired by the human form. You can see the result here.

Lust Pro is currently 50% off for a limited time.


Studio Playlist 06: Koto

It’s that time of the month where a new studio takes over the FFF jukebox, next up are Koto who grace us with a 55 track insight into the sounds of their studio.

You can listen to it via Spotify here!

Thanks Koto!

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Photography by Anderson – What you see is what you get

Photographer’s websites are notorious for being pretty bad. Rarely does a photographers website do justice to the quality of their work, as well as getting across the personalities of the photographer and the way they work.

What You See Is What You Get is a simple but playful campaign for husband and wife duo Photography by Anderson to raise their profile and demonstrate their most important rule: it’s got to be great. Personal or commissioned, big budget or small.

Don’t fancy playing the guess game? Skip straight to their lovely portfolio here.



*** NSFW(ish) ***

Introducing Pecker, the book, the bible of bang sticks, the one stop cock shop, is the world’s biggest collection of knobs, dongs, penis pencillings and schlong scribbles.

Pecker is the brainchild of designer and visual artist Jon Bland and copywriter Louie Zeegen, we caught up with them ahead of their upcoming launch at KK Outlet this Thursday to chat bollocks:

Pecker. How did the book come about? We lived together for a few months when Jon moved to London at the beginning of this year. After helping each other on various other projects, we decided to spend the time under the same roof producing something together. A penis book was the obvious choice.

What was your thinking behind Pecker? Is it all a clever social commentary on the domination of males in the creative industries? Or cause willies are funny? The beautiful thing about drawing a penis is that anyone can produce a belter. It’s as simple as that really, but yeah sure, the social commentary thing works too.

The book launch is Thursday 22nd at KK Outlet, can you reveal a bit about it? We’re taking over KK with shit loads of dicks and beer. It’ll be more like a mini exhibition than just a normal book launch. It’s a must for any penis enthusiast.

Who’s Peckers can we expect to see on show? There are some big names that we’re super chuffed to have inside our book, such as Ian Wright, Marion Deuchars, Jean Jullien and Mike Perry, but also people who aren’t illustrators at all, just massive cock lovers. There’s a healthy mix of superstars, professionals and total novices. Cock lover no. 1 Mr Bingo has written us a lovely foreword too.

Who’s Peckers have been most impressive so far? We’re big fans of George Heaven’s – he drew in it about 10 minutes at the Kiosk Independent Book Fair in Peckham that we had a stall at. Quick, hilarious and disgusting – the perfect pecker. We’ve had other great ones from Stella Murphy, Li-En Yeung and Leon Karssen. After seeing thousands, we are hard to shock now, so generally the more bizarre the better.

How long does it stay up for? Just over a week, but the book will pleasure you forever. Mum’s Christmas present sorted right?

Anything else to add? We continue to receive dick every day but it’s fine – our inbox is massive. We hope it never stops: — Thanks Louie and Jon


MultiAdaptor: Quiqup

Andy Hills from MultiAdaptor has been in touch regarding their latest branding project Quiqup, “A new brand for the freshest, most flexible player in on-demand delivery”.

“A truly flexible brand was required to reflect a truly flexible service. Unlocking and liberating the ‘loop’ in the Quiqup Q, we developed a framework to consistently communicate this quality, that is infinitely adaptable but instantly identifiable.”

Thanks Andy



New Studio Lantern [founded by designer and friend of FFF Ryan Tym] have been in touch about their new project for Dover.

“The new logo is inspired by the cornerstone brickwork of the town’s most historic landmarks, including Maison Dieu and St. Mary’s Church, also depicting the iconic castle in an abstracted form” explains Lantern’s Director, Ryan Tym.

Will look forward to seeing the studio grow, good luck with the new venture Ryan.


Studio Playlist 05: Saffron

Next up on the FFF jukebox are Saffron, who are the fith in our Studio Playlist series to gift us with a 55-track insight into the sounds of their studio.

You can listen to it via Spotify here! Thanks to Rashna and Rémy for taking the time.

— More music? Check out our previous playlists here: Studio Playlist 04: Animade Studio Playlist 03: Eight Inc Studio Playlist 02: Anagrama Studio Playlist 01: Moving Brands

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Without a doubt my favourite is the otter. They hold hands to avoid floating away from each other and mother otters fluff up their babies by blowing air into their fur so that they float meaning the mums can swim …

traceypugh on Zoë Barker draws

Beautiful!!! I love butterflies – a symbol of hope growth and flourishing!

Caitlin on Zoë Barker draws

Really clean!!

estudio web on Studio XL

Beautifull Work!! I Like a lot the Bear.

Thanks David

estudio web on Mash Creative: New website

My favourite is the badger, with a lovely distinct colourings, a funny noise and an odd shape to go with it, which I think sums up Britain in a a way.

Ben on Zoë Barker draws

Gorrrrrrrrrgeous work.

helenruthcrawford on Zoë Barker draws