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Lois Daly – Graphic Designer, Glasgow

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Chris Jackson — 72 posts
Graphic Designer – Leeds, UK

Tom Vining
Tom Vining — 12 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Tommy Borgen
Tommy Borgen — 15 posts
Graphic Designer – Oslo, Norway

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Creative director – Sydney, Australia

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Graphic Designer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Graphic designer – Monterrey, México.

Felicia Aurora Eriksson
Felicia Aurora Eriksson — 7 posts
Graphic Designer – Melbourne, Australia

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Malcolm Menzies

Posts by Malcolm:


91 Magazine

91 Magazine is a lovely quarterly online magazine published by Patchwork Harmony, it features news, style tips, shopping ideas, interiors, features on craft and vintage style and proudly sponsors small businesses, designers and crafts people.

Have a look – your home may thank you for it.


Evermade – Hand drawn map of London

Jenni Sparks has collaborated with Evermade to create the definitive culture map of London. This map is awesome – such amazing detail. I love looking for all the bars and amusing places I go in london. It is a must have for london lovers and livers. When my house is no longer a building site it will go proudly on my wall.

This hand drawn map of London meticulously highlights the London boroughs and neighbourhoods complete with the quirky in-the-know hallmarks and landmarks that make the city so unique.

With the print designed and produced from the mapping of the actual geographic tube map; not only is this print a design must-have, but also a handy reference for office walls and at home as great party talkers!

Full of fun facts such as celebrity birthplaces, local markets, social stereotypes, favourite pubs – they are all on there… Hopefully you’ll be able to spot your London haunts!


David Cummings

Been a while since I checked out this guy David Cummings but he has done a nice update with some cracking new work. Really strong fashion images and always a pleasure to look what he is up to. I have said previously he was onto watch and I wasn’t wrong. Keep up the good work.


The Retro Kitchen Company

The Retro Kitchen Company – ‘an idea born from a healthy mixture of experience and youth – A partnership created from 25 years in the cabinetry making business and 11 years in and out of the Interior design scene’.

A really fresh and exciting new Kitchen company pushing the interior boundaries  – daring to be different. They had an exhibition stand at the Grand designs show which I photographed for them – what a real buzz that surrounded it, everyone just wanted to find out more. Check them out!


Laura loves design

Lauraloves specialises in digitally printed textiles that are uniquely designed and hand made for a distinct and personal finish.

From beautiful cushions to hot water bottle covers to delicate eye masks lauraloves stocks some wonderful home pieces and great gifts for Christmas at very reasonable prices.


Edgar Mueller

Edgar Müller – a Master of 3d Pavement Art – Created this Ice age street painting in Ireland – Together with up to five assistant he painted all day long from sun rise to set for 5 consecutive days. The enormous 250 square metre illusion is reached by applying the anamorphic technique to a huge pavement painting. He paints over urban areas to give them a different look and thereby challenge the audience’s perception.


This is a limited edition

This is a Limited edition ,  is a collection of incredibly talented and inspiring artists creating an immense collection of art and home stuffs. You can get eye masks to keep the light out, with matching wash bags, Cushions and floor pillows, cup and saucers, canvases, prints and frames. It is a very nice collection of cool art which will make you and your home that little bit happier! Get involved.


Mr Go

As I was perusing around at the Grand Designs show I came across this awesome illustrator, this image reminded me of a photograph I had also taken

Mr Go is a graphic designer and illustrator from the south of England, his work is a mixture of sketching and digital rendering. Mr Go says his work sits somewhere between a childish macabre and a pot bellied psychosis that usually looks at people and their life, attitude, emotion or stupidity.

I enjoyed this image so much I ordered a Print.


Michael Najjar

Stunning landscapes by Berlin Based photographer Michael Najjar. Najjar travelled to the boarder of Chille and Argentina to photograph Mount Aconagua, looking for ridge structures that are similar to the charts that track the progress of financial charts. Back home, he digitally altered the landscape to match them against the stock indices.


Miles Aldridge

The 18th edition of Lavazza’s Italian Espresso Experience Calendar has been shot by British photographer Miles Aldridge, and features seven images of some of the world’s most well-known models including Lydia Hearst and Daisy Lowe. Really fresh creative approach to the legendary Lavazza calender , Aldridge mentions an interesting point: “I like Lavazza’s idea of asking an international artist rather than an Italian to talk about Italianess. It gives us another outlook, another viewpoint, another perspective we might not have considered. I like the concept of Italy being “filtered”, rather like coffee: it’s a nice image.”

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I love how much people are actually just making the things they discuss over coffee rather than just going oh that would be a good idea – such a lovely product really well executed!

– Natalie

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This looks amazing!

– Natalie

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This is great with so many ways to go. Well worth the work.

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