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Greig Anderson

Creative Director– Glasgow, UK

Posts by Greig:


Pawel Nolbert

Came across some incredible new illustration and design work by Pawel Nolbert for a variety of fantastic clients including the likes of Squarespace, Nike, Google, Sony and Adobe. Particularly love the Nike Aire Max Sunset Pack sneaker cubes series, beautiful detail and textures.



Celebrating Massimo…

A selection of designers from all over the world have been paying tribute to Massimo Vignelli who died last year at the age of 83.

Vignelli, who was born in Milan in 1931, set up Vignelli Associates with wife Lella in New York and worked on projects famously including the American Airlines identity and signage for the New York City Subway system.

The posters will be showcased at ‘The Timeless/Massimo Vignelli’ an exhibition held in San Sebastian, Spain, and is organised by San Sebastian consultancy Husmee Estudio Graphique. A series of 33 posters in all will be displayed, created by local and international designers including Javier Mariscal, Toko, BVDAstrid Stavro Studio and Mario Eskenazi. UK contributors include the likes of Spin, Mark Studio, Mash Creative and Magpie Studio.


Matt Burns designs Ghanaian cycling history

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games was undoubtably a highlight of the summer sporting calendar capturing the imagination of a city in Glasgow and indeed across the entire Commonwealth. Amongst all of the incredible sporting talent and stories on show their was a rather unique story taking place in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah (Jeddie) became the first Ghanaian track cyclist to compete in track cycling at any recognised competitive event, let alone the Commonwealth Games.

After a chance meeting at the accreditation classes to be allowed to ride the velodrome, Jeddie approached Glasgow based designer Matt Burns to design and develop a unique skin suit for the games. On the design of the suit Matt said “The stripes on the sides of the suit are unbroken. They begin at the cuff on the arm, extend and wrap around to the shoulder blade, under the armpits to the side and continuing to a finish at the thigh. The front of the suit features a single black star on the right side of the chest. Ghana is often referred to as “the black star of Africa”. It was important that the star was an underlining theme in the overall design. Across the thigh of the skin suit is an impression of a Ghanaian Kente Cloth pattern. It has been designed using a simple pattern created by stars and colour. The back of the suit features custom typography for the team name, ‘Ghana’. The stencil style type has been created by incorporating angled edges to reflect the character of a star.”

Day One of Glasgow 2014 saw Jeddie compete in the Men’s Individual sprint, and a few days later in the Men’s Keirin. The design of the skin suit needed to reflect the brief provided from Jeddie – a sleek, minimalist design that gave him a strong presence on the bike, whilst reflecting Ghana’s heritage.

The suit was produced by United States business Vie13, and the photoshoot was directed and shot by Glasgow based Gordon Burniston.

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games was the first stage of Jeddie’s dream for track cycling in Ghana. The next stop is Rio, where Jeddie wishes to take with him a full Ghanaian track cycling team. He also has the vision to build a velodrome in Ghana to further development of the sport. If you want to keep up with Jed’s story follow him on Twitter @IAmJeddie


Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS)

Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) is an all new programme of workshops, competitions, talks, exhibitions, urban murals and live stream discussions, taking place between 22nd-26th of October with exhibitions running before, after and throughout.

Created and organised by Beth Wilson and James Gilchrist of Glasgow based Warriors Studio, the events are participation-based and aim to inspire young designers through active engagement. Our goal is to promote networking, creativity, learning, collaboration, friendly competition and importantly, to have fun.

The workshops will be centred around creative processes; conceptual thinking, visual communication and professional practice. We want to offer opportunities to develop creative problem solving skills and challenge ways of thinking through design-based projects and conceptual arts. There is an impressive list of workshop leaders and competition mentors on board including the likes of Anthony Burrill, Hort, Kesselskramer, Design Büro Frankfurt, 44 Flavours, Freytag Anderson, OK-RM, Recoat, Risotto Studio, Graphical HouseTouch, MadeBrave and O-Street.

If that wasn’t enough they are also running the GDFS International Poster Competition to encourage people to showcase and celebrate a broad selection of poster design from across the world, with a selection of entrants being exhibited during the festival at ‘In Public Gallery’ – Glasgow, Scotland. For submission details visit here.

Full a full list of programme events, poster competition information and how you can get involved visit the GDFS site or follow announcements and updates @GDFScotland


Into Film — A brand to inspire a life-long passion for film

Into Film is a film education charity for children and young people. The organisation has just launched, with a brand created by Global creative company Moving Brands. Following the result of a merger between existing charities First Light and Film Club. Backed by the BFI, the programme aims to inspire and mobilise a generation to develop an engagement with film.

I spoke with Georgina Milne from MB about the brief and their response to the project and Robert Holmkvist of London based Holmkvist Creative, who was commissioned to develop the bespoke typeface used for the identity.

Georgina Milne told us “In order to launch successfully into a crowded charity space, meet its growth targets and connect with its primary audience, the charity engaged Moving Brands to define their name, brand identity, messaging and brand touchpoints. Winning the project at pitch, we were eager to partner with the charity; there is a synergy in our passion for film, and in our belief in the power of storytelling through film. The brand needed to fulfill two distinct objectives; inspire its broad target audience of 5 – 19 year olds, and engage benefactors to ensure financial support.

We developed a narrative that would resonate with both these groups; ‘See, Think, Make. Imagine.’ It expresses directly to the young audience the organisation’s aim of ‘watching, making, and understanding film.’ We approached the creation of the identity system from a motion-first standpoint, with the movement of the brand mark informing the entire system. This design approach, although not unique to our way of working, felt particularly relevant and auspicious for Into Film. The brand mark is used as a window to view powerful and recognisable film content, reflecting the organisation’s role in connecting children to film. A bespoke display typeface was created, borne out of the brand mark. The identity system as a whole is vibrant, distinct, and playful – and received the seal of approval from the target market within workshops with children of all age groups.”

On the commissioning of the bespoke typeface Robert said, “Working with Moving Brands, a bespoke display typeface was created from elements of the new identity. The two weights are represented in the master logo and helps connect other parts of the organisation through a shared visual style. The typeface needed to work in a number of different graphic treatments ranging from revealing image through type, to create impact and anticipation, to outlined type that can create subtle, elegant moments.”

This resulted in the creation of a series of assets for the charity, as Georgina says, “To support the organisation at launch, we provided easy to apply guidelines, best practice templates for the brand’s print, merchandise and digital applications, and campaign messaging that would enable them to speak authentically to both children and benefactors. We were thrilled to see the charity launch in early 2014, at an event attended by their high-profile stakeholders and supporters, including co-founder Baroness Beeban Kidron, educational professional Sir Alastair MacDonald and Les Miserables actor Eddie Redmayne.”

Thanks to Moving Brands and Holmkvist Creative for the insights and images.


Intercity – Tread Print Series

Nathan Gale from Intercity got in touch to let us know about this rather lovely set of cycling tread prints which they have just completed.

Designed by William Hibberd, the Tread print series was born out of an obsession with bikes (plus early memories of friends comparing tyre patterns) and documents a selection of the most interesting graphic shapes and patterns found on everyday bicycle tyres.

Building upon the already close-knit relationship between cycling and graphic design, the series includes four prints in total, covering the disciplines of BMX, CX, MTB and road cycling. The prints are available to purchase via online design store Print-Process. Mark Blamire, founder of Print-Process said ” You wait for a bicycle and then three come along at once… In late 2011 we approached design studio Intercity about doing a series of bicycle-themed prints to complement a BMX book they had just published. Intercity liked the idea but didn’t want to come up with an obvious solution and, not being the type of company to rush at a problem, we left them to take their time and develop ideas for this series of prints. We were very surprised with what Intercity finally delivered, as it wasn’t at all what we were expecting. It’s always an absolute pleasure working with designers when they explode your expectations by completely re-inventing the wheel. [Excuse the pun].

Buy Prints.



KVGD helping you to stay organised in 2014!

Glasgow based design studio KVGD have produced a lovely 2014 Wallplanner, helping you to stay organised the analogue way. Printed with gold and black ink, it folds down to A4 and comes in a gold, matt foil envelope. There’s three columns of notes at the top and each day has space to write stuff. The gold type, Grotesque 229 was letterpress printed in the Case Room at Glasgow School of Art with the kind assistance of artist in residence and typography technician Edwin Pickstone. Printed by Glasgow based William Anderson and Sons onto 100% recycled paper (120 gsm Cairn Straw) supplied by PaperBack. Dimensions 890mm wide x 630mm deep. Available to buy online here for £20.00 + P&P



Labour Typeface / HypeForType

Robert Holmkvist got in touch to tell us about Labour his rather nice, new multi-versatile type family created exclusively for HypeForType who themselves have just recently re-launched with an all new improved site boasting over 15,000 beautifully handcrafted typefaces.

Designed by London based design studio Holmkvist Creative, Labour is an industrial display typeface available in 4 weights Medium, Bold, Extra Bold and Black. It is also available as a stencil version. With its compact proportions and tight letter spacing Labour looks best in headlines and display sizes.  They have also created a rather lovely type specimen which you can see below. Labour is available to purchase now. The lovely specimen is also available to purchase over at Holmkvist Creative.


KVGD Update

Friend of FFF and all round good guy Kerr Vernon has launched his new updated KVGD site as part of a studio re-branding. With all new site design and a variety of new projects including some rather nice new studio note pads, edge painted, duplex business cards and a new self-promotional newspaper featuring new work created in the last year. Kerr is also a judge in this years Posterheroes competition taking place in Turin in April.



I randomly stumbled across the portfolio of Bedow, an award winning Swedish graphic design studio run by Perniclas Bedow and boy was I glad I did. Working with a wide range of businesses and organizations — many within the cultural sector Bedow has a selection of wonderfully simple,  clean, dare I say it Scandinavian style work across a varied range of clients. My particular favourites include the packaging work for Nostalgi – A classic rack system, corporate identity and stationery for Askeroths trappor och räcken — a small Swedish manufacturer specializing in custom built stairs and railings and the stunning packaging work for Mikkelle – A series of seasonal inspired beers with heat sensitive, beautifully illustrated labels. A real joy of a folio which has filled me with inspiration and renewed vigour on a cold winters day. Go warm up.


Semaphor Oblique

Semaphor Oblique are the product of a collaboration between Derek Welsh Studio and Graphical House.

The very best in materials and artisanship have combined to make something which will have a long and colourful life, to be both treasured and enjoyed.

These beautifully designed and crafted dominos are available in two variations; Semaphor are made from Birch Ply, reversed in laminate, and finished by hand. They are beautifully boxed and packaged with a cotton drawstring bag. Oblique are hand cut and drilled from Douglas Fir, and faced in laminate. The turned edge case has been hand stitched from bridle finished leather with a suede pigskin lining. Both sets have been beautifully shot by Photographer Gordon Burniston and are now available to purchase via the Graphical Shop so why not treat yourself.


Typographic Revolt

In an effort to bring their Exclusive Faces range to a larger audience, HypeForType approached graphic designer Ryan Atkinson to produce their first magazine release Typographic Revolt. The brief was to produce a 16 page A2 magazine with a twist. Instead of following the traditional convention, Ryan designed a quick read through A2 magazine which also doubles up as a set of 4 Exclusive Faces posters. Each page folds out to create a double sided poster perfect for your studio or home wall space. Typographic Revolt is printed as a limited litho run on 90gsm wood free paper, giving everything a premium newspaper feel which absorbs the inks to create a beautiful desaturated look and feel. Typographic Revolt. is available now through Amazon.



Blast is a London based design studio with some lovely work. Particularly like the identity and brand work for Keaykolour a creative paper range from ArjoWiggins. The ‘Colourful life’ campaign created in collaboration with artist Ian Right is particularly good as is the University of Sussex identity. Well worth a look through.

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