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Colin Bennett

It’s only taken seven years, but at 9am this morning Glasgow-based designer Colin Bennett launched his new site. Believing that “design should communicate, not just decorate” Colin doesn’t have a particular style, preferring to take a fresh approach for each new client.

With well over thirty projects the new portfolio is extremely thorough, and overall, it’s an excellent example client-focused, idea-driven design.

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    Kerr Vernon
    11th Mar 2011
    11:15 am
  1. Looking good chief

  2. Stephen Kelman
    11th Mar 2011
    12:45 pm
  3. Great stuff Colin.

  4. Luke TongeLuke Tonge
    11th Mar 2011
    4:28 pm
  5. Lovely site, excellent work.. jealous!

  6. Colin
    11th Mar 2011
    7:43 pm
  7. Thanks guys. Really nice of you!

  8. GreigGreig
    15th Mar 2011
    5:34 pm
  9. Good guy and great work.

  10. graham
    14th Jun 2011
    1:23 am
  11. Hey, I like the Scottish Drama booklet, looks amazingly close to Sumo Design’s New Writing North brochure design.

  12. Colin
    14th Jun 2011
    11:43 am
  13. Thanks Graham. Really nice of you to say. I haven’t seen Sumo’s New Writing North booklet so it’ll just be one of those wee co-incidences if it’s at all similar. There’s lots of coloured shape stuff doing the rounds at the moment so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  14. Kat
    14th Jun 2011
    1:27 pm
  15. Really lovely work Colin – I must have missed your article the first time around so great to see your stuff. Graham – apart from both being very nice, I can see absolutely no similarities at all between The Scottish Drama brochure and the New Writing North piece?!

  16. Graham
    14th Jun 2011
    10:09 pm
  17. @Kat – Colins works are brilliant and I like them very much but can’t help seeing the similarities between this and the SD brochure.

  18. Graham
    14th Jun 2011
    10:15 pm
  19. @Colin – Love your work. It did remind of Sumo’s NWN work and I’m sorry if my post was accusing you of coping. Sorry.

  20. Colin
    14th Jun 2011
    10:39 pm
  21. Thanks Kat.

    Graham – that’s the first time I’ve seen that piece of work. I see what you’re getting at with the whole triangles thing but let’s stop and have a quick reality check here. My SDTN cover is made up of multi-coloured triangles and squares. I have a sneaky suspicion that if you look hard enough you may find other pieces of work that uses triangles and squares too ;o)

    Greig Anderson of Effektive has a lovely piece of work for Boost Agents on his site that looks very similar to my SDTN cover. Greig e-mailed me when I launched my site to let me know of his forthcoming work. Greig hadn’t seen my work and I hadn’t seen his. It was obviously down to complete coincidence – nothing sinister going on at all. Sometimes these things happen in design, especially when it comes down to primary shapes and stuff.

    Thanks for your comments anyway. Really appreciate it.

  22. Shawn
    15th Jun 2011
    9:21 am
  23. The triangle is one of the most primitive shapes known to mankind. It\’s quite common to see triangles used as patterns or primary design elements across various mediums. I\’ve come across a vast amount of work that use the shape well.

    Nice body of work Colin.

  24. Luke TongeLuke Tonge
    15th Jun 2011
    9:24 am
  25. Nicely handled Colin, your considered (design) approach clearly extends to your courtesy in dealing with people, which speaks volumes. To suggest that those 2 pieces of work are amazingly similar seems very strange as I’m often the first to assume plagiarism and in my eyes its not even close. Each to their own I guess :)

  26. Graeme
    15th Jun 2011
    9:58 am
  27. Lovely clean work, especially the SDTN stuff.

    Although I hate to break it to you but I used triangles on something I designed a few years ago so clearly you (and Sumo for that matter) are copying me. Lawsuit imminent!

  28. Stevo
    15th Jun 2011
    10:34 am
  29. Ha – this reminds me of when T-Mobile tried to © magenta

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What can I say ….nice mock-up and good site. Very inspirational post…

biju on Bienal

That is a beautiful project, I looked through her behance portfolio and it was brilliant stuff, so much detail.

Naeem on Barbara Bernát: Hungarian paper money

Looks good to me – different style and layout than a lot of the similar type sites out there

Jack Carpenter on Design By Day

Not showing too well on my 13 inch macbook but still looks great. Love designers being brave with concepts. Just question the usability with my UX head on

Jack Carpenter on Polkaouistiti Collective

Looks grand. But am I being stupid and missing a link to the book/a shop or must use my fingers to type the words old-stylee?

richpeacock on Wally Olins

Great guys. Been to a few of their talks and bought pretty much every book!..

But they look a bit like Phil & Grant in the picture above. ;)

petemandotnet on Review: Shaughnessy x Brook