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Liam Bonar


It’s degree show season and I recently had the pleasure of visiting my old stomping ground, Duncan of Jordanstone for a nosey at the latest batch of graduate talent. Some strong pieces in the graphics show, but a stand out for me was Liam Bonar. A nicely crafted mixture of strong typographic layouts alongside bold, atmospheric photography of whisky distilleries and urban landscapes makes for a varied and interesting graduate portfolio.



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    9th Jun 2010
    1:10 pm
  1. Cough cough, Jordan, cough cough.

  2. Are you sure
    10th Jun 2010
    8:49 am
  3. Liam Bonar’s work was in fact terribly derivative of typographic work in DJCAD’s graphics shows in previous years.

  4. Marc
    10th Jun 2010
    9:59 am
  5. A good good lad with a good good portfolio

  6. Andy Swift
    10th Jun 2010
    10:38 am
  7. Too similar idea for me:

  8. Johny
    12th Jun 2010
    7:29 pm
  9. Show is the same every year up there. Crowded with bold typpography. American like.

  10. Ally
    13th Jun 2010
    12:21 am
  11. Im also an ex DOJ’er n its a good course that gives a good grounding in type n plenty of graduates in recent years have gone on to work for some great companies. Its like any course, you get what you want out of it.

  12. Ally
    13th Jun 2010
    11:38 pm
  13. Its a graphic design course not an art course like a other art schools in scotland.

  14. Ally
    14th Jun 2010
    12:36 am
  15. Although sayin tht, this yrs GSA degree show had some awesome conceptual work n some really nice publications and type on show.

  16. Johny
    15th Jun 2010
    10:20 am
  17. Yeah I went to Edinburgh’s and it’s conceptial thinking also. Quite refreshing. Challenging what a traditional Graphic designer is said to be. If you want to be a monkey and be good at type then maybe study at Dundee. But if you want to be good with type and also back it up with idea based thinking then GSA or ECA.

  18. Richy
    15th Jun 2010
    3:18 pm
  19. Johny, I don’t think it’s as black and white as that. Plenty of DoJ graduates have gone on to form some great agencies in Scotland, and a couple in England too with plenty of ideas based work to boot. Suggesting they are monkeys that are good at typography simply falls way short of the reality. I visited the DoJ show a few weeks ago and there was a good balance of ideas and typography which sets the graduates up for a decent start in the industry.

  20. Graeme
    15th Jun 2010
    3:22 pm
  21. @ Johny – i think your comments are pretty disrespectful towards students studying and those that have studied at DOJ, have you been to the degree show this year? perhaps you could post up some of your own work so we can see some of your superior conceptual thinking?

  22. Ivan
    15th Jun 2010
    4:28 pm
  23. “If you want to be a monkey and be good at type then maybe study at Dundee”.

    I think that comment is quite harsh considering graduates that come out of Dundee have been very successful in finding jobs in creative studios and many have even been awarded D&AD, Roses, ISTD etc. DOJ must be doing something right if they are producing these sort of students.

  24. Johny
    15th Jun 2010
    6:13 pm
  25. yeah harsh comment your right. I do take that back. It was more a reply to the guy Ally who is obviously keen on traditional Graphic Design at a laptop. The fact that other courses in Scotland encourage conceptual thinking isnt a bad thing thats all i was getting at really.

  26. Ally
    15th Jun 2010
    8:21 pm
  27. A monkey????

  28. Ally
    15th Jun 2010
    8:24 pm
  29. I dont come on here talkin shit bout other art schools. i was commenting on how DOJ is an out n out graphic design course whereas GSA n ECA are Vis Com

  30. John
    15th Jun 2010
    8:46 pm
  31. Some outrageous comments on here.

  32. Johny
    15th Jun 2010
    9:37 pm
  33. true that. thanks for clearing things up.

  34. Ally
    15th Jun 2010
    10:47 pm
  35. I didnt use the word art to be a critisism.

  36. Gré Hale
    16th Jun 2010
    4:37 am
  37. Johnny, i don’t think you should seperate conceptual thinking from graphic design. at all. There’s plenty of clean, typographic splendour that relies heavily on conceptual thinking to convey it’s message. which is pretty much the point. the idea that something cannot be conceptual through choice of materials, format and type selection is quite clearly ridiculous. I never understood ‘Visual Communication’ … that just means graphic design in more letters.

  38. Ally
    17th Jun 2010
    12:57 am
  39. this jonny character is a douche bag!!!

  40. Ally
    17th Jun 2010
    12:58 am
  41. lets see his personal portfolio or the company he works 4????

  42. Ally
    17th Jun 2010
    12:59 am
  43. usual!!! big mouth behind a wee name on a blog!!!

  44. Ally
    17th Jun 2010
    1:09 am
  45. All im gonna say is youtube!!!!

  46. Liam Bonar
    17th Jun 2010
    1:23 am
  47. Hi guys, thanks for the positive comments & interest. Sorry if some of you don’t enjoy the work, but I feel DoJ has given me and the other students a solid grounding in type-handling AND concept development (among other things), and I chose this art-school over others, for that reason. If you enjoyed the work, check out my site and have a look around. Cheers, Liam.

  48. RydoRydo
    17th Jun 2010
    11:01 am
  49. Just catching up with this thread. It saddens me sometimes that people are so quick off the mark with exaggerated criticism across this and various other web forums. People seem to have incredibly short memories when it comes to putting themselves in students’ / recent graduates’ shoes.

    Also, to provide a further update on the post itself, I learned after submitting that Liam has received the Crighton Bequest — the award for best use of print, chosen from across the entire DoJ show. I’d like to offer my congratulations for this achievement and wish Liam the best of luck in starting his career.

  50. Ivan
    17th Jun 2010
    12:43 pm
  51. Well said Ryan! I went to the DOJ degree show and I thought Liam put on a brilliant show. Well done buddy!

  52. Rufus Spiller
    17th Jun 2010
    1:26 pm
  53. I echo the support of Ryan. Liam\’s work was among the best I saw at GSA and Duncan of Jordanstone this year. Well presented, good craft and a decent understanding of commercial application. Here\’s hoping he carries on doing exceptional work and continues to be a benchmark for aspiring talent representing Scottish creativity.

    It similarly saddens (but doesn\’t surprise) me that this thread has opened up some fairly subjective criticism of the current design curriculum on offer in Scotland. For what it is worth there is a current inititive trying to engage all of the courses from a commercial perspective. The aim of this is to, hopefully, closer align the courses with the needs of the industry. I think we can all agree that no one course is singularly providing graduates with all skills that are needed when they arrive in a commercial environment. We, as the industry, must take responsibility for this and articulate our needs to better inform the course architects, otherwise we cannot criticise the output of further education.

    There is no simple answer to this however, I would hope that we can acknowledge good student work, no matter where it derives and support new graduates as they enter a very difficult market.

  54. Neil F
    17th Jun 2010
    2:39 pm
  55. Dead on fellas.

  56. Neil F
    17th Jun 2010
    4:00 pm
  57. We recently had a student from Switzerland working with us and she said that over there, young designers study their career as apprentices in consultancies for a number of years rather than study. A bit like a tradesman over here.

    Interesting concept.

  58. Colin
    17th Jun 2010
    6:57 pm
  59. Looking good Liam, I know how much hard work went into your ISTD. A few pictures doesn’t do it justice as I know its about sixteen spreads long but answered the brief fully, ISTD Merit well deserved.
    Catch you at graduation buddy.

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