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FriendsWithYou presents Wish Come True Festival



FriendsWithYou—the guys who created this weeks playful header illustration—have been very busy lately preparing their latest creations for this weeks Wish Come True Festival in Tornto. Running from 10th-20th June, FriendsWithYou have been comissioned by Luminato Festival of the Arts to sugar coat the city with their brand of impressive and playful instillations and exhibitions. Over the ten days FriendsWithYou have gone all out creating multiple larger-than-life inflatable installations, a gallery show, several pop-up shops, community events, speaking engagements

We’re very jealous that we don’t live in Toronto this week but if you’re interested in going you can find heaps of details over at FriendsWithYou News.

To get an idea of the kind of work on show FriendsWithYou have kindly sent through some impressive images of previous experiential instillations.

UPDATE: Now the festival is over and done with FWY have kindly sent us photos of the whole event which look stunning. You can see them all over on our Facebook page.

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    10th Jun 2010
    11:29 am
  1. This is fabulous from this b log i learn so many information thank you , but so many thing i has to learn .ones again thank you..

  2. Brett
    10th Jun 2010
    3:01 pm
  3. I am working with smart Canada to help spread the word about a community art project smart is hosting June 4th – 17th throughout downtown Toronto. smart is presenting an urban curated ride & drive [think a mobile, mini Nuit Blanche] that will guide people to discover Toronto’s art/theater/music/culture in rogue areas of the city that they have yet to experience. This ‘never-been-done-before’ experience will feature live art instillations, musicians, fire twirlers and additional surprises around every corner. Instead of just educating the city where they can experience this culture, we are going to show it to them LIVE via multiple vignette’s including the Distillery District, parking lots and warehouses – all from behind the wheel of a smart fortwo.
    To learn more about the program, please visit:
    Given that this topic is especially relevant to your readership, we wanted to give you the opportunity to share smart’s content and the chance for your readers (or yourself) to sign up and experience the event in person. If you are interested, please let me know and I can get you registered as a VIP and personally be onsite to answer any questions you may have. Night expeditions will take place from 4pm – 11pm on June 3rd – 5th & June 11th – 12th.
    Please feel free to contact me by phone or email (all of my contact info is below) if you have any questions! Additionally, smart will be posting content via Twitter and Facebook and we would love to connect with you there:

    To follow smart car on Twitter:
    To become a fan o smart car on Facebook:
    To see pictures and where you can experience the event:


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Hello, Somerset nr. Bath


Nice little project – well executed. I like these little promo pieces, but they do take up space and become forgotten about over time. Got loads from GF Smith!! Would be nice to see something that could be more of …

Peteman on Black and White Bands

What can I say ….nice mock-up and good site. Very inspirational post…

biju on Bienal

That is a beautiful project, I looked through her behance portfolio and it was brilliant stuff, so much detail.

Naeem on Barbara Bernát: Hungarian paper money

Looks good to me – different style and layout than a lot of the similar type sites out there

Jack Carpenter on Design By Day

Not showing too well on my 13 inch macbook but still looks great. Love designers being brave with concepts. Just question the usability with my UX head on

Jack Carpenter on Polkaouistiti Collective

Looks grand. But am I being stupid and missing a link to the book/a shop or must use my fingers to type the words old-stylee?

richpeacock on Wally Olins