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HelloVon Interview


Continuing on with our video interviews feature, we spoke with illustrator and exhibiting artist HelloVon at his London studio. HelloVon has worked with some big name clients and agencies including one of his design idols, Non-Format.

To help make your commute to work less boring, we’ve released this interview along with all the previous ones as a podcast which you can now find via the iTunes Music Store by searching FormFiftyFive or via direct link to the RSS feed. We’ll also be releasing all future interviews both through the usual FFF site on Vimeo as well as through the podcast. So subscribe now and always be the first to watch the interview on your iPod or iPhone.

Finally as a thank you to all of our loyal readers and to mark the launch of the Von Shop, we’re giving you a chance to win one of stunningly detailed All is full of Love prints by answering this the following question.

HelloVon mentions he took a split degree at university, but what two disciplines did Von’s degree involve?

Email your answer to win[at] by Friday 20th November 2009 and we’ll pick the correct answer at random and announce the winner on Friday. Best of luck and enjoy the interview.

Here’s a list of the questions we asked HelloVon, submitted by you guys, our readers.

Q1. What is your normal workflow or process like? What tools, techniques, and mindsets do you find absolutely essential?

Q2. I’d love to know (despite the epic outcome) do you ever get bored with the process?

Q3. What does it take from you — to earn as an pro artist/illustrator? a lot of time mainly.

Q4. I learned to draw myself and have a great love for the pencil. From time to time I think about going through some formal training, like a illustration/graphic design course. What’s your advice — will it enrich my style or just waste my time and money?

Q5. You have cut a style and fashion all of your own, but how do you stop that from going stale with the viewer and yourself?

Q6. Is there any client or another creative you would like to work with and why?

Q7. I would ask who von looks to for inspiration and what is his favourite thing to draw?

Q8. “What i like to know is what your relation is towards nature. Is it more a stylistic choice like you\’re drawings are stylistic or is there a deeper interest? The animals are always placed as stand alone with a lot of white surrounding them like you want to make a point… or maybe not. That’s something i canot really figure out. Nontheless i think you are a very good artist. I really like your work. The new work ’Semblance’ looks amazing as well.”

Q9. How do you feel the recent recession and client budget cuts have affected you, if at all?

Q10. What are your personal design goals and aspirations for the future?

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Have your say

    16th Nov 2009
    11:27 am
  1. Excellent interview, really enjoyed this one.

  2. GlennGlenn
    17th Nov 2009
    10:31 am
  3. Glad you liked it Ed!

    Anyone else had time to watch it?

  4. Colin
    17th Nov 2009
    12:18 pm
  5. Yeah Glenn. Really good interview. Nice guy and lots of excellent work. Interesting to hear his thoughts on illustrators and their style in relation to longevity. Top stuff!

  6. Hendrik
    17th Nov 2009
    1:15 pm
  7. Great interview! Thnx a lot for doing this!

  8. Xavier
    17th Nov 2009
    3:55 pm
  9. Thanks a lot, was looking forward for that a lot. Even if the questions transformed in something more general, still catching.

  10. andy tomlinson
    17th Nov 2009
    4:51 pm
  11. great interview, really beautiful work…

    17th Nov 2009
    4:57 pm
  13. Very nice work, Glenn! I’m really happy you people finally got to Von, I have been admiring his work for a long period.

  14. Josh
    18th Nov 2009
    11:05 am
  15. Awesome interview, massive fan of Hellovon so great to see. Think you guys might have some issues with the compressions on your video, both this one and the Airside one had wierd clicks in the audio.

  16. stephen mclaughlin
    18th Nov 2009
    5:48 pm
  17. Fantastic interview, great to know that even someone absolutely dribbling with obvious talent didnt know what direction hos work would take after uni

  18. Ryan MacDonald
    19th Nov 2009
    12:58 am
  19. Great interview and some really nice work. Good stuff.

  20. joe
    19th Nov 2009
    2:17 am
  21. I loved his Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen prints, had no idea he was 14 years old!

  22. Krzysztof Domaradzki
    19th Nov 2009
    12:30 pm
  23. Brilliant works and a very inspiring interview. Thx.

  24. GlennGlenn
    19th Nov 2009
    2:37 pm
  25. Thanks for all the comments People! I’m sure Matt will appreciate them. Almost 1000 views on vimeo alone in less than a week. If you enjoyed it please share it round :)

  26. JackJack
    19th Nov 2009
    2:46 pm
  27. Shockingly I still haven’t had a proper watch. Going to make some time for it tonight, as this one I particularly looked forward to.

  28. GilGil
    19th Nov 2009
    6:23 pm
  29. Haha yes Matt is very good but he does look 14 years. Makes us all look inept.

  30. Dima
    21st Nov 2009
    5:54 pm
  31. Very interesting interview. I’ve enjoyed previous two as well.
    Nice job! Please keep on :)

  32. Ryan
    23rd Nov 2009
    2:26 am
  33. Great work.

    This interview is really insightful too, good stuff!

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