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Lorem Ipsum


Yesterday morning the postie delivered a strange brown envelope in the post. Thinking ‘what on earth is this’ I opened it to find a pink that in the sunshine was so bright and shocking there should probably be a warning on the envelope. Titled ‘Lorem Ipsum’, it is an ‘incredibly sporadic collection of cross-disciplinary design writing from Scotland’.

The people/person behind it seem to be after the news studio who have a sort of temporary cargo site online at the moment but certainly one to watch. The layouts and typography are well crafted, dynamic and fresh but thankfully it’s not all just style. The articles and content really are equally impressive and engaging.


Some of the highlights in this issue: Centrefold illustration by Susan Roan. Andrew Neely of LongLunch writes about talking designers. Dr Paul Rodgers examines the digital grey-areas between design, art and architecture, and After the News provides a taster of the discussion at a debate on the role of awards in the design industry.





Apparently this copy is a ‘limited edition 2 of 3’. Which is either a mistake or I am very honored indeed! I’m sure there must be more than 3 copies as it’s certainly litho printed. On the after the news site they say you can get your hands on it by just sending through a stamped addressed A4 envelope… and for our Scottish and UK readers in particular, I’d highly recommend it.

Altogether it’s all looking very promising and I’ll certainly be looking out for the next issue. Though I’ll be donning my shades just in case. Many thanks to the mysterious sender!

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    Do Gooder
    3rd Jul 2009
    1:38 pm
  1. My copy is also 2 of 3.

    I smell a rat Ed.

    A big dirty one.

  2. Do Gooder
    3rd Jul 2009
    1:41 pm
  3. Got the first copy somewhere… which is lovely too.

  4. EdwardEdward
    3rd Jul 2009
    3:58 pm
  5. Ha i also received this yesterday, and mine was edition 2 of 3. we are not alone.

  6. Ed WattEd Watt
    3rd Jul 2009
    4:10 pm
  7. yep rat detected!
    Not sure if I like it or not.

    A bit of fun I suppose!

  8. GreigGreig
    3rd Jul 2009
    5:42 pm
  9. That would be by my good friend Neil McGuire of After The News in Glasgow. He also write about design at his blog OffBrand and is also the man behind many interviews of designers/agencies at Looks a lovely piece!

  10. GreigGreig
    3rd Jul 2009
    5:43 pm
  11. This is also the second issue of Lorem Ipsum. The first being shown on his ATN site through the lovely illustrations by Paul Ryding.

  12. Emlyn
    6th Jul 2009
    3:08 pm
  13. Good content, top bloke. Neil’s very good at scratching way beneath the surface of design, somehow managing to maintain a huge enthusiasm for practicing and teaching his discipline whilst firing off angry salvos and questioning the politics and purposes of it all. Or something.

  14. Neil McGuire
    9th Jul 2009
    10:55 am
  15. hello,

    yes the limited edition thing is a total fabrication, as a play on the art/design, is it isn’t it mass produced, sort of not very funny joke.

    – the previous one was limited edition 47 of 12,345,545 or something like that. thinking that as LI is entirely self-funded i’ll indulge myself in these crap jokes…

    thanks for everyone saying nice things about me and the project, as blog-comment land can be a harsh place. never google thy-self…

  16. Neil McGuire
    9th Jul 2009
    10:58 am
  17. ed – did you get my email the other day? wondering if it may have been spam filtered… sorry for using blog comments for this – feel free to delete this one once received…



  18. MilkToday
    10th Jul 2009
    3:20 pm
  19. Some nice work, like the colour palette.

  20. Roman Eckert
    23rd Jul 2010
    9:49 am
  21. Look at:

    Greetz Rom

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There isn’t going to be an EPL sponsor after this season i think, part of the rebrand.

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I think it looks really cool!

Agree with Peteman, think the shirt badge looks a bit ‘weekend charity match’.

Think it’ll definitely appeal to the youth!

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Loving the new EPL marque and the other elements shown above. Not too sure about the shirt badge. I’m also wondering how the league sponsors will be incorporated into it?

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The designer is the artist of today, not because he is a genius but because he works in such a way as to reeastablish contact between art and the public, because he has the humility and ability to respond to …

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