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Gary Taxali

Gary Taxali

The wonderful Gary Taxali. Image above is from a recent post on his Drawger blog regarding his  feelings on the industry.

Don’t Call Me
In the last little while, there has been a MAJOR backslide in the industry. Poor rates have been an issue for a while but things are becoming worse. Clients’ fees are getting even lower and the rights they’re demanding are even higher.

You want examples? How about SWATCH calling me and asking me to design a watch. They wanted a complete transfer of copyright for a paltry fee. As if that’s going to happen. Google calls me and wants my work for their new search engine all over the web, the fee? Nothing. Editorial clients are slashing 1999’s fees almost in half and citing the bad economy as an excuse. You know what? My excuse is that the economy is bad so you have to pay me MORE for an illustration. How’s that for an economic stimulus package?

So here’s to every client with shitty fees and terms. Do not waste my time or contact me. I am very busy working with clients who respect artists and you’re wasting my time with your solicitations. So for you, I give you a special salute that I hope will keep you away because I don’t need your work.”

Well said.

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    2nd May 2009
    9:59 pm
  1. Well said!

  2. Cameron
    3rd May 2009
    1:31 pm
  3. It’s a nice thought, but…

  4. GlennGlenn
    4th May 2009
    10:32 am
  5. Hmm… this would mean that FFF is kind of one of those clients! Our Six by Ten selected artists only got a special copy of the book. Fair enough we don’t make any money off the project, but telling those clients (the ones that are trying to get cheap/free work off you) that you don’t need their work might make other new clients think that you are a bit of a self centered twat!?

    That said clients commissioning illustration do need to realize the worth of a great illustrator. Especially big brands like Swatch and Google, they’ve got no excuses to be asking for freebies!

  6. EdwardEdward
    4th May 2009
    12:28 pm
  7. Glenn i think you miss the point of the article. He’s having a go at large companies that cut corners and force artists to work under unfair terms, which in turn lowers the value of the work being produced. FFF is definitely not one of those clients.

    A respectable client would adhere to industry terms and value the work appropriately, not call you a twat. I think its appalling Google asked him to do illustrations for free and he’s damm right to tell them to fuck themselves.

  8. GlennGlenn
    4th May 2009
    1:30 pm
  9. Reading that article I just felt that I wouldn’t want to invite him to a project like ours Ed. I get the impression he’d tell me to get stuffed! But then again he might want to get involved?

    I might have got the wrong end of the stick here, but that’s kind of my point… what if one of his potential new clients reads that article and gets a similar impression?

  10. EdwardEdward
    4th May 2009
    2:26 pm
  11. I actually invited him to Story Motel and he very politely declined due to scheduling. He may very well do a Six by Ten if you asked.

    I see what your saying though, certainly some clients could get put off by his venting.

  12. Greig
    4th May 2009
    2:31 pm
  13. Brave man. I see where Glenn is coming from though, like it or not these are tough times for everyone, including the so called ‘big’ clients. Now im not saying that they should be demanding anything for free or paltry sums as he has suggested that is of course wrong and he is right to say no but his response(rant) does seem a little aggressive and arrogant, don’t bite the hand that feeds you (even if you think you should!)

  14. GlennGlenn
    4th May 2009
    2:48 pm
  15. Will be sending out the brief in a few weeks time… let’s see what he says ;)

  16. Grant
    4th May 2009
    5:57 pm
  17. “I’m doing this as hard as I can” – Ir

  18. Dan Lane
    5th May 2009
    10:17 am
  19. agree with what glen is saying here saying \\"I don\\\’t need you\\" to clients is a stupid arrogant thing to say and in years to come he might be wishing he\\\’d kept his lips clamped if he comes to rely on new clients for work.

    Should have just politely declined and tried to remain professional so that future collaborations are still an option

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