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Lois Daly – Graphic Designer, Glasgow

Alex Nelson — 80 posts
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Guy Moorhouse — 46 posts
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Gil Cocker — 321 posts
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Chris J
Chris Jackson — 72 posts
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Tom Vining — 12 posts
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Tommy Borgen — 15 posts
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Felicia Aurora Eriksson
Felicia Aurora Eriksson — 6 posts
Graphic Designer – Melbourne, Australia

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FFF Relaunch


It’s been in the pipeline since last year, and now, at long last, we’re ecstatic to launch FFF 2.0. Times have changed in blogland and we know if your standing still your actually going backwards. At FFF we can see where we want to be, and that’s going forward, which wasn’t going to happen without a value-added proposition to our core-market. That’s what this is. It’s all about the user-experience for us, making FFF faster, better, stronger; and to do that, we needed to differentiate our USP. That USP is what be believe FFF 2.0 brings to the table, it’s like an 800 pound gorilla standing out in a crowd of pasty, underdeveloped designer torsos. Does it look sh*t? Yes AND no. Of course it does, but it’s memorable and it says three words to the competition “Ready, Fire, Aim”. I’m talking September Industry, Dirty Mouse, TypeNeu, Computerlove, It’s Nice That, QBN, AisleOne, The Strange Attractor, Thinking for a living, yada, yada, yada… we’re going to kill you and eat you.
Nothing personal, it’s just business.

In saying all that after Glenn and Alex, you guys have the most important opinions, so FFF 2.0… Vote Up or Vote Down…

Just my 2 cents.

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Have your say

    1st Apr 2009
    12:20 am
  1. Thank god. It’s been needing something. Good work.

    Kerning’s a bit iffy on the last f though.

  2. Jamie
    1st Apr 2009
    12:26 am
  3. Hahaha is it too early to congratulate you on the April Fools!?

  4. Atherton Bartelby
    1st Apr 2009
    12:31 am
  5. HA HA HA HA HA! My entire head just exploded. A FABULOUS April Fool\’s Day stunt, totally. :-)

  6. Ben
    1st Apr 2009
    12:51 am
  7. happy april fools day guys. now hurry up and change it back by midday please :-)

  8. april
    1st Apr 2009
    1:16 am
  9. nice april fools, though I dont know how long I can handle the comic sans and blinding colors

  10. Peteski
    1st Apr 2009
    1:22 am
  11. FFFab!

  12. Simon
    1st Apr 2009
    1:28 am
  13. I think u should keep it miles better


  14. JJ
    1st Apr 2009
    2:07 am
  15. What’s funny is that in my neck of the woods, it’s still March 31.

  16. Manus
    1st Apr 2009
    2:33 am
  17. Good joke folk! I hope!? haha

  18. Ross Levitt
    1st Apr 2009
    2:42 am
  19. Holy April Fools, uve officially burned my retina’s

  20. Chris
    1st Apr 2009
    3:03 am
  21. Wow this wonderfully terrible, too bad you didn’t use 255 RGB red with the green, then the website could vibrate.

  22. fan
    1st Apr 2009
    3:13 am
  23. i was totally fooled. and in pain. severe eye and mental pain.

  24. Taylor
    1st Apr 2009
    4:02 am
  25. I wasn\’t aware that graphic designers were also very good at making things ugly… a positively horrid color scheme! Well done!

  26. purin
    1st Apr 2009
    4:22 am
  27. are you kidding?

  28. S
    1st Apr 2009
    4:28 am
  29. this is the ugliest shit ever

    lol it’s still 11:28pm mar 31 in toronto

  30. Manasto
    1st Apr 2009
    4:49 am
  31. for minute i was thinking this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, I still do, but i get it now.

  32. Typhoonandrew
    1st Apr 2009
    5:02 am
  33. I love it. Its hard to think how you could break this more.

  34. Jeff | Booooooom
    1st Apr 2009
    6:17 am
  35. hahahahahaaaa

  36. GlennGlenn
    1st Apr 2009
    6:59 am
  37. Maaaaan, the violet background doesn’t seem to appear in Safari 4 Alex. Would you mind fixing that?

  38. Mark
    1st Apr 2009
    7:42 am
  39. Excellent work Alex – I think we’re really moving somewhere with the design now.
    Just need some more flashing gif images and v2.000000 is sorted.
    White Rabbits!


  40. Mark
    1st Apr 2009
    7:46 am
  41. By the way. I especially like the bear humping the F in the FFF logo!

  42. Mike
    1st Apr 2009
    7:52 am
  43. i just died a little.
    Excellent work.

    My portfolio needs reworking Glenn?

  44. Johan
    1st Apr 2009
    7:53 am
  45. IT’s so beautiful it made me cry with joy a bit involuntarily. I’m so glad to see someone has worked up the courage to cast aside the tenets of design and do what we all know is right. *weeps openly*

  46. Robbie
    1st Apr 2009
    8:06 am
  47. Wow. Manystuff would be jealous…

  48. luke
    1st Apr 2009
    8:06 am
  49. aaaaaaaaaa

    coolers design i have ever seen,
    much better then old one!

  50. ChrisJ
    1st Apr 2009
    8:10 am
  51. good work guys!

  52. GlennGlenn
    1st Apr 2009
    8:13 am
  53. No problem Mike, if anyone else would like a similarly impressive site I’m available for hire… although most of this was Alex handy work!

  54. Mike
    1st Apr 2009
    8:17 am
  55. or my mistake.
    Stop hogging the limelight Glenn :)

    Well done Alex -£20 should cover it?

  56. Daniel
    1st Apr 2009
    8:18 am
  57. Needs more flying toasters. Other than that – gorgeous.

  58. Jane
    1st Apr 2009
    8:24 am
  59. what a beauty

  60. Adam
    1st Apr 2009
    8:33 am
  61. Wow, did you guys do the posters that were in my school library as a kid?

  62. tom
    1st Apr 2009
    8:35 am
  63. bring it for ever :P

  64. Dan
    1st Apr 2009
    8:36 am
  65. Top work chaps!


  66. Pete
    1st Apr 2009
    8:45 am
  67. I reckon you should keep it like this.
    It’s nice

  68. LoisLois
    1st Apr 2009
    9:02 am
  69. Doesn’t actually look that bad in Firefox, no comic sans or purple!

  70. Greig
    1st Apr 2009
    9:04 am
  71. Good work boys, think you may have started something though that green and purple combo is so right now! You might just make CR with that!

  72. David SI
    1st Apr 2009
    9:10 am
  73. Let’s Take This Outside, Shall We? ;)
    Nice one chaps, fooled me for a split second (Purple didn’t show up in my browser)

  74. ella
    1st Apr 2009
    9:19 am
  75. haha i was scared for a minute

    nice to see someone made a good april fools joke, youtube just confused me…

  76. Simone
    1st Apr 2009
    9:29 am
  77. I hope it is a an April fool, my eyes feel like on a bad roller coaster!! I think I maybe sick!

  78. GlennGlenn
    1st Apr 2009
    9:34 am
  79. Our first positive blog review…

    Interesting graph, perfectly explaining our thinking.

  80. Magnus
    1st Apr 2009
    9:46 am
  81. good one guys!

  82. Joao Pereira
    1st Apr 2009
    9:56 am
  83. It is comic! Thank you for the joy!

  84. john
    1st Apr 2009
    10:19 am
  85. Oh now I get it, very funny!!!!!!!!

  86. el
    1st Apr 2009
    10:20 am
  87. Pow! h-absolutely loves it

  88. Iain Claridge
    1st Apr 2009
    10:28 am
  89. Pure genius – no other word for it..! It’s actually starting to grow on me.!

  90. Nikolay
    1st Apr 2009
    10:37 am
  91. Youtube, actually did a great job on the joke. Nice one

  92. Simon
    1st Apr 2009
    10:40 am
  93. Genius!

  94. Graham Smith
    1st Apr 2009
    10:49 am
  95. This is a huge improvement over the previous, well frankly, disappointing design. It looked like all the other design sites. Finally you have listened to the inner you and now wear the clothes you really want to wear.

    I say congrats.

  96. John Mclellan
    1st Apr 2009
    10:54 am
  97. God im hoping this is an april fools.

  98. mootion
    1st Apr 2009
    11:25 am
  99. fuck les poissons d’avril !

  100. hellomuller
    1st Apr 2009
    11:26 am
  101. Thank god for this. Finally a design blog that dares to take the next step into the future!

    Just needs a bit more… RAINBOW!

  102. LoisLois
    1st Apr 2009
    11:27 am
  103. My eyes!

  104. Bobby
    1st Apr 2009
    11:44 am
  105. Haha, like it.

  106. Tony
    1st Apr 2009
    12:11 pm
  107. i love it

  108. katie
    1st Apr 2009
    12:45 pm
  109. you should have gone one step further and ACTUALLY re-skinned the site!

  110. JackP
    1st Apr 2009
    1:45 pm
  111. Come on now guys and gals, put it back — or at least work out a way of keeping it on just for this page. Come on, you know you want to…

  112. JackJack
    1st Apr 2009
    1:52 pm
  113. @ Katie

    Your a bit late to the party, the site was re-skinned. Unfortunately, due to an unacceptably high number of complaints for burned retinas, we had to take it down.

    Back to the drawing board!

  114. alana
    1st Apr 2009
    2:27 pm
  115. almost as good as

  116. Andrew
    1st Apr 2009
    2:55 pm
  117. Why did you change the layout back to the old worse version? Geez, so much for progress…
    Hah, it was very funny though, especially the title.

  118. Pete
    1st Apr 2009
    3:06 pm
  119. @ alana

    Check out if you enjoyed

    Make sure you keep refreshing the browser for a number of treats!

  120. Frank
    1st Apr 2009
    4:49 pm
  121. You guys suck. You need to show everyone how smart you are so you ruin it for anyone else coming to see this post. Just keep your mouths shut or even contribute to the joke with your comments. Ruining it is lame. you are lame.

  122. David Marsh
    1st Apr 2009
    7:57 pm
  123. It was like a rave on a webpage, I was getting used to it, FFF looks so white now!

  124. Zafra
    2nd Apr 2009
    3:08 pm
  125. Holy Jesus!

  126. MTRL
    2nd Apr 2009
    5:32 pm
  127. You scared me for a bit, till I realized that it was April 1st. Good stuff though. keeping me on my toes

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Without a doubt my favourite is the otter. They hold hands to avoid floating away from each other and mother otters fluff up their babies by blowing air into their fur so that they float meaning the mums can swim …

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Really clean!!

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Thanks David

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Gorrrrrrrrrgeous work.

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