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Tomato— Update

What did everyone think of the scene-titles in the rather disappointing Quantum of Solace that Tomato did? Nice to see considered type on screen or clichéd references?

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    10th Jul 2008
    3:26 pm
  1. ha ha you beat me to it Sean! I’ve deleted my post. Even chose the same project to feature.. freaky. Only thing I was going to say is you’ve got to admire the sheer diversity of thier projects… amazing!

  2. SeanSean
    10th Jul 2008
    3:30 pm
  3. Good taste, Ed! ; )

    Is it sad to say that I was genuinely exited by this? Tomato were a big favorite of mine at Uni…

  4. Jose Antonio Contreras
    10th Jul 2008
    6:34 pm
  5. I was so looking forward to seeing what these guys were up to and…

    … I’m so disappointed.

    I guess they’re getting old and afraid.

  6. Kennedy
    11th Jul 2008
    2:22 pm
  7. Tomato are simply legendary no doubt. I think I saw this last week on Original Linkage, but at hey at least you got there!

  8. JackJack
    11th Jul 2008
    3:33 pm
  9. Another design blog posted something before us? Simply not possible, you must be mistaken.

  10. Kennedy
    11th Jul 2008
    4:10 pm
  11. Lol! Yeh I know. Sorry! Didnt mean it like that!

  12. JackJack
    11th Jul 2008
    4:52 pm
  13. ;)

  14. SeanSean
    18th Nov 2008
    9:58 am
  15. Eh? What’s going on here gents? This post is months and months old?

  16. JackJack
    18th Nov 2008
    10:01 am
  17. Wisnae me!

    Did it get posted originally?

  18. felix
    18th Nov 2008
    10:08 am
  19. what about the titles? IMDB says is still Dany Kleinman but during the titles it says is MK12 – though I think this is the worst title sequence in bond history

  20. GlennGlenn
    18th Nov 2008
    10:22 am
  21. Sean, I just updated your post to talk about the Scene titles. I just didn’t delete the old comments which I should maybe do?

    Felix, I’d say the Casino Royal Titles were worse than the QOS.

  22. Robert Little
    18th Nov 2008
    10:27 am
  23. While the movie itself did not live up to expectations (though not as bad – just didn’t live up to expectations and pales compared to the last), I actually think the opening titles and scene titles were well done. The opening titles by MK12 were stunning within the constraints of a bond film. Lets face it, the opening titles in just about every bond film are cheesy, but if they weren’t, you wouldn’t recognize it to be a bond film. The scene titles had to play off stereotypes to hint at the feel of the locale, but I don’t really see anything wrong with that. We have to play of stereotypes to some extent everyday. Its how we differentiate things. While a risky move, in the end I think it did add a little extra flair where most wouldn’t dare go.

  24. SeanSean
    18th Nov 2008
    10:28 am
  25. Ah I see! Thanks for clarifying Glenn…

    As for the QOS titles, yet to see the film, do you recommend it?

  26. felix
    18th Nov 2008
    10:45 am
  27. I loved the film (although I think I’m the only one) — but you have to to put CR and QOS together to one long one. Seperately none of them works out a scheme. But together they start a whole new era (Just like Christopher Nolan did with batman). I think the titles in CR are very slick and graphical and this is what I like about them. QOS titles are too fuzzy and not unique.

  28. katie
    18th Nov 2008
    11:40 am
  29. the Bond typography made me and my boyfriend LOL. sometimes simple white type is just best.

  30. illink
    18th Nov 2008
    11:47 am
  31. Haven’t seen the film but love these stills.

  32. Words are Pictures
    18th Nov 2008
    1:58 pm
  33. I remember thinking at the time how nice it was to see someone making an effort with those scene splicers but now seeing them on their own they do feel a little clichéd, you’re right. Glad to see Tomato doing something usable though, I completely lost track of them after Mmm… Skyscraper, I Love You. Big faves of mine at uni.

  34. martin
    18th Nov 2008
    2:29 pm
  35. yep clichéd, but the whole bond phenomenon is a cliché
    which is meant in a good way, so yes these titles work well
    i haven’t seen the film yet but everyone tells me it’s pants…

  36. raymond
    18th Nov 2008
    3:22 pm
  37. Im always a fan of bringing to attention design to the broad masses. With that, I feel like the titles throughout are not groundbreaking but do make an impression and a refreshing change. As for the opening not the best but not the worst, yet much kudos to MK12 for the overall interface designs. As for the film I’d rent casino royal on saturday and see QOS on Sunday to enjoy it to its fullest. Its a bond film, they are like Ice Cream theres flavors you like more than others but at the end you smile and say I just had Ice cream.

  38. Sam
    18th Nov 2008
    3:37 pm
  39. I would recommend the film Sean, the Bond films are definitely not how they used to be, but QOS is entertaining all the same.

  40. Joseph
    18th Nov 2008
    7:57 pm
  41. I liked Talmone and the french typeface. Original. The london one looked like the typeface for braveheart and I don’t know I have seen enough of that style, but it comes off as uk.

    I like the work, and the original hand lettering, I wish more was done of this sort today for films and design.

  42. Joseph
    18th Nov 2008
    8:00 pm
  43. Typo, I meant Austria not France

  44. Tom Lambert
    18th Nov 2008
    8:56 pm
  45. Shame that people seem to be so cynical. I just appreciated seeing something a bit different, and i think they helped set the scene.

    Film was disappointing though, I have got to agree on that one.

    That said I did enjoy it, just not as much as I’d hoped.

  46. randy
    19th Nov 2008
    9:02 am
  47. I actually enjoyed it! The opening sequence was ok though. Casino Royales Opening really set the tone of the film. This wasn’t as worthy but it was still amazing.

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