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The Killers, MTV awards 2008

The Killers performance of “Human” was great. They used a funky geometric set,
simple but brilliant. Watch it here.

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    10th Nov 2008
    5:42 pm
  1. Is it Exyzt who did the light show?
    Because, if not, it looks like this thing is a serious Rip Off From Etienne De Crécy Visual Show, watch here:

  2. Tomi
    10th Nov 2008
    7:20 pm
  3. A little off topic but… I was a really big fan of the Serif and FFF now that they have merged I feel like the quality of post has gone down. Or maybe not necessarily the quality so much but there is way more links here of all kinds of media and what I liked about the Serif was the fact that it was quality over quantity, you got some good solid graphic design links daily. Now FFF is starting to feel like CPLUV… bummer.

    Sorry to be negative.

  4. Iain
    10th Nov 2008
    8:08 pm
  5. Blankety-Blank.

  6. GlennGlenn
    10th Nov 2008
    8:41 pm
  7. Hey Tomi, shame to hear that you feel that way. But I’m afraid that things are only going to get worse!

    The new site will still feature the usual design goodness but it will have sections that will be far more random and unrelated to graphic design in particular. The way some of us see it is that if you just look at other peoples designs it’s more influencing rather then inspiring. Don’t worry, we will still keep a section that recognises the very best of design in multiple fields.

    We do try and keep a high standard of work and there is a lot of things we don’t post for the reason that it’s just not good enough to be featured.

    In the end though we will hopefully build a site that makes most of our readers happy.

  8. JackJack
    10th Nov 2008
    8:58 pm
  9. At the end of the day it’s about inspiration. Lovely pieces of print, and great typography, etc, will always be heavily represented in the content we post. However, the more that comes from the fringes of graphic design, and beyond, the better.

  10. GlennGlenn
    10th Nov 2008
    9:08 pm
  11. Well said J!

  12. Tomi
    11th Nov 2008
    12:25 am
  13. I hear ya Glenn and Jack. It wont stop me from checking FFF daily, but just miss the focus on graphic design.

  14. Iain
    11th Nov 2008
    10:39 am
  15. I agree with Tomi to an extent. I was off sick a few weeks back and game back to god knows how many pages of links. You guys are sucking up my time at work ;)

    Not the place to talk about it but what the hell…. is a forum on the cards? A few things have come up in the past that I’d love to discuss with you guys and I feel that a decent forum is lacking in the design world right now. Being a veteran of, Yayhooray, HumHum and Fused I know how powerful these places can become. I also know how they ultimately turn into bitch-fests and go into self-destruct. Just wondered what the general opinion was on forums in the design world.

  16. GlennGlenn
    11th Nov 2008
    11:11 am
  17. Funnily enough me and J were chatting about this last night! But I don’t think we’ll have a straight forward forum… but certainly a place for people to voice their opinions, just not as permanent AND hopefully not as bitchy ;)

    Though this part of the new site will probably be developed last as the main content is more important to us.

  18. Laryssa
    12th Nov 2008
    1:40 am
  19. Thanks so much for the cool link! Too Shy to Stop writer Eric Wilkens just wrote a review of The Killers’ new album Day and Age. You can read the review here.

  20. bennie
    13th Nov 2008
    9:20 am
  21. “Is it Exyzt who did the light show?
    Because, if not, it looks like this thing is a serious Rip Off From Etienne De Crécy Visual”

    this is exactly what i was thinking when i watched the ema’s. it’s also that their performance wasn’t as good as etienne’s. there were some strange hearts and stuff flying randomly around and well … i just didn’t liked it.
    look at etiennes performance, this is just incredible (music too ;>)

  22. crustea
    19th Nov 2008
    3:20 am
  23. Unfortunately this is a big Rip off :(

    More details here:

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