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Glenn Garriock — 1565 posts
Graphic designer – Uetze, Germany

Jack Daly — 1190 posts
Graphic designer & Illustrator – Glasgow,…

Lois Daly — 45 posts
Lois Daly – Graphic Designer, Glasgow

Alex Nelson — 80 posts
Designer/coder – Leeds/London/Melbourne

Guy Moorhouse — 46 posts
Independent designer and technologist — London,…

Gil Cocker — 319 posts
Designer & Maker – London, UK

Barry van Dijck — 125 posts
Designer & Illustrator – Breda, The Netherlands

Gui Seiz — 135 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Chris J
Chris Jackson — 71 posts
Graphic Designer – Leeds, UK

Tom Vining
Tom Vining — 12 posts
Graphic Designer – London, UK

Tommy Borgen
Tommy Borgen — 15 posts
Graphic Designer – Oslo, Norway

Clinton Duncan — 24 posts
Creative director – Sydney, Australia

Amanda Jones — 26 posts
Graphic Designer – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gabriela Salinas — 20 posts
Graphic designer – Monterrey, México.

Felicia Aurora Eriksson
Felicia Aurora Eriksson — 6 posts
Graphic Designer – Melbourne, Australia

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FFF Update

Chris Gray @

At last we’ve managed to tidy up FormFiftyFive! We’ve shortened the list of categories, simplified the type in colour and weight, taken away everything unnecessary and added our little spread the love button! The new K2 template is working great, my favourite feature is the drop down archives menu that appears when you scroll down!

A huge thank you to Alex Nelson for helping us so much with the re-design! He’s one of three new authors to join FFF this month. Also joining us are Eddy McGowan (who we’ve linked a couple of times) and Mark Ferguson, who’s a pretty excellent designer from Manchester!

We now have 12 revolving headers that use our Fs, I’m looking into getting some extra Fs made to send around the world to be photographed and featured in our header! If you got a nice idea of where to shoot the F let us know and we might send one to you.

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    D of SI
    4th Jul 2008
    9:29 am
  1. Nice one Glenn. I am quite fond of the dropdown archives feature ;)

  2. GlennGlenn
    4th Jul 2008
    9:53 am
  3. Same here! Did you try and drag the slider? The trim feature is pretty handy as well if you’re looking for a specific post and you don’t want to load all the images.

    Although we had some comments that it doesn’t work so well in IE?

    If anyone is having problems using the archives toolbar let us know ;)

  4. Greig
    4th Jul 2008
    10:05 am
  5. Hey Glenn, Nice work on the updates! I’ll take some F’s to Sydney and spread the word if you like, will also be in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

  6. GlennGlenn
    4th Jul 2008
    10:23 am
  7. Nice on Greig! Will try and get one to you before you leave, have you booked your flight yet?

  8. GilGil
    4th Jul 2008
    10:27 am
  9. Welcome guys. Liking the redesign – subtle in places but really feels like FFF is maturing like a fine wine – taking on it’s own personality beyond the standard wordpress.

    Still waiting on that “mad skills” button? Haha

  10. Chris
    4th Jul 2008
    10:50 am
  11. What what…Im the only Manc on here. I’ll knock youz out!
    Nice stuff though chaps..working a treat.

  12. Alex
    4th Jul 2008
    10:52 am
  13. That’s next on my list! Although I think you’ll find the technical term is “skillz”

    Seriously though, if anyone has any ideas about functionality they’d like to see on the site, drop us a line on and I’ll see what I can do!

  14. Diogo
    4th Jul 2008
    12:08 pm
  15. I can photograph the Fs for you here or here maybe… but i should warn you, i have a lousy camera.

  16. Mark
    4th Jul 2008
    2:05 pm
  17. Hello all! Site is looking great. Can’t wait to get posting.
    Sorry Chris, you’ll have to share the location monopoly with me now.;)

  18. EdwardEdward
    4th Jul 2008
    7:19 pm
  19. Site looks sweet, lets make magic together.

  20. JackJack
    5th Jul 2008
    1:32 am
  21. A belated warm welcome to Alex, Eddy & Mark. Its brilliant to have three new faces with such varied talents!

  22. Nikolay
    5th Jul 2008
    8:57 pm
  23. It’s an honor to be part of the team! :)

  24. Kate
    10th Jul 2008
    3:55 pm
  25. I could photograph the Fs somewhere in NY for you? I have a few ideas.
    And I don’t mean in Times Square or at the Flat Iron building.

  26. GlennGlenn
    10th Jul 2008
    6:27 pm
  27. Sounds good Kate! Once I get them made I’ll send one over. Won’t happen any time soon though I’m afraid. Swamped with work at the moment!

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There isn’t going to be an EPL sponsor after this season i think, part of the rebrand.

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I think it looks really cool!

Agree with Peteman, think the shirt badge looks a bit ‘weekend charity match’.

Think it’ll definitely appeal to the youth!

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Loving the new EPL marque and the other elements shown above. Not too sure about the shirt badge. I’m also wondering how the league sponsors will be incorporated into it?

peteman on EPL – New Identity

The designer is the artist of today, not because he is a genius but because he works in such a way as to reeastablish contact between art and the public, because he has the humility and ability to respond to …

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